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So you took time out to do the most important job in the world “Raise Beautiful Self-Sufficient, Confident and Adorable Kids’ and now it’s your turn. TO DO WHAT?

What are you going to do? That’s a question I was almost too afraid to confront, it was definitely easier to stay in my little bubble. I was living with thoughts of anxiety, mild depression, panic, dread, and lack of direction. My vibrations once finely tuned to the Law of Attraction was now tuned it seemed to the ‘Law of Crap.’ Talking to my friends didn’t help much, will it did in as much as confirmed that I was not alone with these feelings, in fact, I was faring a little better than some. I had to get my head in a different space to think clearly, but how?

I Knew 3 things for sure

  1. Being relatively uneducated, I was facing $20 an hour more or less – meaning I would work all day and still not be able to pay for the weekly groceries (how depressing). The grim reality is we have time or money – I Want Both.
  1. Children in Australia attend school 200 days a year, I needed something that gave me 165 days leave per year (or I pay more for childcare than I earn), Children aged between 0-14 make up 19% of the population in Australia so there is going to be a fair bit of competition.
  2. I did not want to work for anyone else. That was just NOT going to happen, not to this little black duck!! My Dad was a self-made millionaire, why not Me. !

Here are my 4 FABULOUS tips to answer the burning question “What next?”

  1. Write A List of all the things you LOVE (really, really, love-love-love to do) Let’s face it, if you’re going to be working for the next 20-30 years it should be doing what you love, this is your chance to start a-new. Focus on things you loved pre Children, Be as detailed as you can and aim for a minimum of 10 things on your list, and I’m sorry ladies, coffee with the girls doesn’t count!
  2. Pick the top 3 things on your list. Now get busy. Your two new best friends can help you get started

Google search engine and the search engine in youtube.com

  1. Up-skill if you need to. If you don’t want to work for yourself, there are courses everywhere that will help get your confidence up and get you going. Community centers offer various courses that can get you out of the house. Many courses offer RPL (recognition of prior learning) You can also check out the following link which is a government website that details who is eligible for funding and the subsidized courses. If you do want to work for yourself it’s just a matter of finding the right thing.
  2. GET YOUR BRAIN INTO A PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION. You’ll only ever be the thoughts you are thinking. Remember, you’ve just spent the last however many years doing the most important job you will ever have. You are truly owed some time now for yourself. Drag out your personal development books “The secret” was my favorite and I learned meditation which was fundamental in me moving forward

It is my privilege to offer you a link to my Free Meditation course  7 simple steps over 7 powerful days we can get you on track. Simply CLICK HERE to enroll.    If you don’t like where your life is or where it’s heading the time to change is NOW and the only person that can do it is YOU. I am available to mentor you through the program.

For me, my passion has always been Personal and Spiritual Development, and diligently up-skilled to my own thriving business in Healing, teaching healing and spiritual coaching.

I have learned that lacking confidence is pretty normal but can be addressed and that feelings of anxiety can be replaced with hope. Most importantly for me, I learned that everyone you ask for help will help you if they can, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Stepping up for us women is easy – we’ve all done it before (None of us knew how to parent and look how awesome we are at it), You Can Do It.

It’s as easy as One Click and we can connect.

Blessings, love, and light


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