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Bianca de Reus

Does connecting Soul to Soul interest you? Animal or Human? Everyone can do it…..there is however ONE thing you must do first. Today’s quantum conversation  unpacks what makes our lives so complex AND which steps to take to move from our egoic self into the soul speak.

Today we share the exact process that you can use to connect soul to soul with humans and animals.

You’re with Michelle Reinhardt – Creator of this amazing show – the EGU Podcast for awakening and emerging souls discussing Mindset, Business, Energy and All things spiritual. I’m the creator of Self and Soul Mastery for Abundance seekers and the Online community hub Entrepreneurs globally unite.

AND today’s guests Bianca de Reus helps conscious animal lovers and people working with animals tune into animal language, creating a deep intuitive understanding of each other. They experience love, harmony and joy together and therefore both animal and human are much happier, well behaved and understand each others boundaries.​Bianca founded ‘Connecting Soul Beings’ in February 2012 and works with people and animals around the world, from her base in Sydney, Australia. She runs her business with a vegan, ethical philosophy. She is lives with her wife Lana, son Michael and two very cute and cuddly dogs, Rosie and Toby. ​

Our conversation covers

  • What is animal communication?
  • How do we connect?
  • Soul to soul communication
  • How soul to soul connection can help you
  • What is connection to S.E.L.F.?

And so much more including….

Two Magical questions that can change your life 

Bianca’s  Website    Visit Website Now   Best way to find Bianca connect@biancadereus.com or do you mean Facebook.com/biancadereus  Instagram.com/bianca.dereus   LinkedIn.com/in/biancadereus  twitter.com/biancadereus?

Link to a giveaway or more information.   Click here

If you’re life’s not where you’d like it to be I’d love to remind you to take a step forward today and CELEBRATE the gift of life that is yours, you have incredible powers of creation, have the courage to use them…The shift begins within….Join us in my Online Community #EGU on facebook  Join Facebook Group   ….reach out and connect xx with us inside the community, just 3 simple questions to answer and I can let you in.  Visit – Michelle Reinhardt at Connect with Michelle

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And until next week…..Shine Bright Superstars!  That’s why you’re here!

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