Michelle Reinhardt

What does Harmony mean to you?

Are you attracting experiences of Drama or Harmony?


Today we’re going to awaken and ground Harmony into your entire being for you to teach you to experience it at a physical level. The energy of harmony energizes, rejuvenates and aligns us with our inner wisdom, it is the truth of our being that is begging to be acknowledged, this is an opportunity to learn to connect with and observe the brilliance within yourself. The energy, light and consciousness that you are and it’s link to the magical universe of all that is.

We are seeking the one energy that you will recognize that is ever present. Harmony. Harmony is an energy that often goes unrecognized and yet is a powerful force that moves through us all. Our goal is to exist in Harmony naturally with everything in our physical reality, it is a natural quality within our being and soul yet sometimes it may feel that your world around you is inharmonious. Many live in disharmony daily. Disharmony only manifests when you distract yourself from recognizing the truth within your being. Distractions, illusions, drama, blockages, limitations and boundaries, it is also present when there is a lack of love, trust and acceptance. Anything that encourages you to ignore the truth of the creator, the flow of the creator is limited and will be suppressed.

If it’s more exciting for you to experience drama and illusions in your reality then you will continue to manifest these experiences. Being in disharmony means you can hide from yourself not taking responsibility for yourself, it encourages and allows you to blame others and look outside of yourself for answers and guidance.
Harmony is a natural aspect of your essence. To embody harmony we must align with our truth, accept our power and realize that we create our reality and that we are responsible for our reality. It takes courage to be aligned with our truth and essence and requires a letting go of all that is illusion as well as familiar to us.

There is one Energy within us that is the catalyst for creating disharmony. That is fear. Fear is only a reaction of being misaligned with our inner power and truth we realize that is has little power. Fear and disharmony dissolve by connecting into our inner love, power and wisdom. Fear within our being means that disharmony is present within our mind, emotions and energy bodies. Our inner world reflects into our outer worlds. This is why our world is riddled with pain and suffering.
How do we shift from disharmony to harmony? Notice when you are experiencing disharmony and flip to acknowledge your love and power. You don’t have to be in a space of love and power at all times, it’s natural to experience fear. It’s about how you deal with it. Don’t allow yourself to sink into fear, shift your perspective to love and examine the fear from a space of love. Observe what you are projecting from your thoughts, words, feeling and actions when you meet or think of others and shift to a space of love.

Anytime we approach a situation or a person with negativity it will create disharmony in the relationship. Allow yourself to approach every person, situation and conversation with the perspective that you are creating the energy and therefore the outcome. This disengages the ego as you decide which energy you wish to share and your inner truth will be represented in the outcome. Disharmony and fear will dissolve with practiced persistence and you will notice a new sense of presence, peace and inner harmony projecting into your inner and outer world.

By creating an intention we choose the energy we share with each new situation and experience in our reality. 
What is your reaction to negativity? What would you prefer to express? When connecting with others, be aware of what energy you express from within your being. Is it loving or fear based? What would you like to express instead?
Rather than responding to situations with words and actions, choose the energy you respond with by tuning into your feelings and emotions, observing and acknowledging them with love then you are consciously choosing the energy you wish to express, share, project and ultimately manifest.
Please do not fear connecting with yourself as a divine, loving, powerful being as well as connecting with others in the same way. Open yourself, your heart to yourself and the world and experience the magnificence that is your birth right.
It is safe for you to live in harmony with yourself, the creator, humanity and your reality, safe, natural and beautiful. Please share if it resonates to do so  xx

Michelle Reinhardt


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