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E70. Magically Shift your Business from Fear to Thriving

Vanessa Talbot EGU Podcast

If you are ‘scared’ that there is not enough clients out there for you and it really is your passion to be a coach or a change maker tune in to learn how to shift that. 

You will learn how to get the FEAR talk out of your ear, your head your energy and your reality and gain some very practical tips to set yourself up as the lighthouse to weather this storm and learn to attract to you the people that need you.

AND today’s guests is no stranger to the show….In the beginning of 2017 we put a mini mastermind  to air which helped our listeners connect to their special power, connect that to their message and your work… to stand out in the crowded marketplace, of course I’m speaking of none other than Vanessa Talbot.

We’ve also covered previously ‘Client Attraction’ I’ll pop the links to these in the show notes below.

Today however…..We want to help those of you that feel ‘FEAR’ is creeping into your coaching, healing or any business.  If lack, scarcity and ‘not enough’ is a predominant focus for you, we’re addressing it right here and speaking physically and metaphysically into how you can change that.

When I first met Vanessa…her community was under 5000 members and is now up over 17000 – wildly engaging and hugely resourceful for those looking to “Step into the Spotlight” Vanessa,  I watch you show up for everything you do with huge compassion offering enormous value and a Uniqueness that spills onto those that work with you (myself included at this present time) It’s a joy and a pleasure to  be colleagues and friends her.

There is a very simple solution to your problem however you will have to make the shift into your mission and your why to take the simple steps and make it easier. Are you genuinely open to a success business or are you potentially blocking and stopping your own success?

They’res a ripper of a story weaved into the many gems dropped throughout this conversation.

Learn how Vanessa and only One other coach she trained with got to the end of 8 years with a successful and sustainable coaching business these tips can help you do the same.

Are you creating or looking to create a program? If so, they’res some  great tips to help you do exactly that NOW rather than waiting until you’re done to begin selling it.

Vanessa offers some exceptional tips to summarize to help you stay in the game and stand above the crowd

Listen in here for a previous episode E10 “Discover what’s extraordinary about you. Mini Mastermind”  Click to go to this episode

If you’re needing a coaching journey to take you from unknown to known connect with Vanessa Here   www.vanessatalbot.com   –  Her signature program is open for enrolments NOW.

Find her via her website or hop into her FB group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/stepintothespotlight/

Giveaway Get Known for Your Brilliance Zone 5 Day challenge Free Gift Here

This is a golden opportunity for you to ‘Step Into the Spotlight with her Signature Program.  6 Months of profile building for Coaches and Changemakers – Enrolments are happening now.

To quantum jump  to your next level in life if you’re ready…we’re here with all the support you need, One thing I know for sure is that when we are held accountable to that growth and understand why we hold ourselves back so we can start to move past it and begin to thrive.…

You can find me – Michelle Reinhardt at Visit Michelle’s site   please come and join more than 5,500 Spiritual Entrepreneurs in like-minded community, click here Join Facebook Group

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Sending HUGE love into your day and your life.

See You next week!

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