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Coaching, Healing and transformation

Michelle Reinhardt


I've been thinking about what I can gift you lovely people for MY Birthday.  Will you let me gift you the heads up on what 'language' you are using that is screwing with your abundance vibration  1/2 price?   60  minutes of my time to help you snap out of your funk, find out what's blocking and stopping you, and whilst we are there a quick energy clearance of the biggest blocks standing in your way of your personal greatness.

Experience a beautiful bundle of pure consciousness healing, coaching and energy transformation.

Our World has changed.  No longer must we wait through long winded and expensive regression to change our past before we can look to a brighter future.

Let me help you do it FAST.

"Michelle Reinhardt will teach you how to begin The Mastery of the Mind, as she has unlocked the Mastermind Plan to lead a divine path through a conscious existence"   Jocelyn Hilling.

Michelle knew there was more, always. Her constant pursuit of truth allowed for her to uncover her own beautiful gifts. Leaving the corporate world to really honor her gifts she choose to tie business and energy together to lead many successful entrepreneurs into consciousness. Her healing hands, drive and passion won, she challenged the regurgitative and oppressive situation she had landed in, spurned the cookie cutter and made her own way on what became her life long quest to Entrepreneurial work/life balance.   

Soaking up information, seeking teachers, guides and mentors, schooling herself in spirituality and personal development leading to the acquisition of a pretty impressive ‘tool kit.’ Michelle can be labelled as an Intuitive Energy , Spiritual Healer,  Personal Trainer, and a Mindset Master Coach. She understands the connection to body, heart and mind. Her heart and willingness to assist others creates a beautiful environment for growth while balancing acceptance. She lovingly guides people through the smashing of old limiting beliefs, aligning Entrepreneurs with their Million Dollar Mindset and a vehicle to deliver their most treasured dreams.   FAST. 

Michelle works best with the souls at the beginning of their journey. She prefers to work with the brave souls that are just beginning to uncover their gifts and shifts in consciousness, those ready to dig into the depths of their heart, to the very core of their essence and purpose.  Willing to shatter all that once was truth to them and re-build powerfully, purposefully and wholeheartedly.  Those ready to step into the evolution of their 'superpowers' and collaboratively place their piece in this giant puzzle we are blessed to be a part of. 

Michelle Reinhardt - Mindset and Energy Coach

    Get Clarity ...  Get Answers ... and ... Get Results ...  FAST.

    • Identify problems and patterns that are blocking and stopping you
    • Discover ways to quickly change your life from Crap to 'Snap'
    • Understand why the Law of Attraction and 'The secret' do not work anymore AND what does.
    • Create the life of limitless, infinite potentiality by YOUR design.
    • Clear and transmute the energies across time, dimensions, space and reality that are blocking and stopping you
    • Find that crazy, spontaneous, fun loving part within that's done a runner
    • Experience coaching, clearing and healing in one foul sweep


    Special 1/2 Price "Rapid Change"

    Mindset Coaching and Healing

    $197                                             $97


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    AND...With my compliments

    You will also  get your hot little hands on a guided visualization for free "the road map to your 'Perfect World'  "If we can see what we want in our mind we can hold it in our hands" -Bob Proctor.

    Take a 30 minute journey to feel, see, smell, touch and taste everything your heart desires.  Plant the seed and watch it grow.  - Enjoy !

    "My experience working with Michelle has been amazing, insightful and profoundly helpful. I find her to be incredibly compassionate with manifest also willing to ask the good questions which need to be considered in a safe environment of support, empathy, encouragement and immediate results. She is absolutely exquisite with manifesting money and healing my belief. Wow! I was impressed with her quiet yet authentic demeanour, her intelligence, and her fine ability of coaching. Every exchange has been filled with integrity. This lifetime experience put my vibration high and evolution of self and soul, Michelle has graciously challenged me to rise to that potential. This experience with Michelle has been an honor, a gift of life a gift for myself. Thank you Michelle for this amazing journey with you. You are powerful healing coach”

    Dany Couture, Canada

    Well recently I was fortunate enough to be gifted an abundance session with Michelle, that I completed today. Michelle was kind, warm, open, honest and beautifully transparent with who she is and what her 'work/purpose' is. All of which put me at great ease over the phone. Which considering we have never met is a great ability to have. My abundance session with Michelle has left me feeling lighter, lifted and honestly joyful.

    If you feel stuck, or are unsure of what is holding you back in any way or are just curious about how you can raise your abundance vibration - as I was - I highly recommend you get in touch with Michelle. You never know what will open up as a result.

    I'm as happy as I can be! Cant stop smiling or literally dancing with joy! This isn't unusual for me, however what is, is the unwavering joy I feel just being me ☺

    It's like my heart is exploding and expanding with true joy
    Incredible feeling

    21September, 2016

    Raechel DeMarchi


    I want to thank you. The sessions with you gave me the healing and the tools to deal with my mind. For so long I have been vigilant of the thoughts in my head. most of the thoughts I knew not to believe, but none the less they would hold some validity That made me attach to them creating a story that held me in a hell I could not get out for hours, even days. Now, when those type of thoughts appear, I know how to stop them, clear them and be free to be at peace. in gratitude, anamaria

    September, 2016

    Anamaria Schelling

    I experienced one of Michelle's fantastic session earlier this week, when I really needed it, let's just say it was Divine timing... Wow, it was so transformational and out of this world. I already feel so much lighter, like I've offloaded so much baggage and during the actual clearing itself I could feel the negative energy literally pouring out of my body (my hands). It's hard to explain in word, you've just got to take a leap of faith and try it to experience what I mean. Am so grateful Michelle 🙏 ✨

    September, 2016

    Clair Bednall

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