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Stellar Dome®

Protection that fits in the palm of your hand. The Stellar Dome® is a portable EMF protection crystal that harmonizes Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) while you're out and about.


The Stellar Dome® is functionally designed for the busy individual and comes in a handy size that is easily slipped into your handbag, schoolbag or pocket.

How the Stellar Dome® works

This EMF crystal produces a negative charge. This balances the positive charge released by 5G streetlights, other harmful EMF, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation, plus human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation.  All these are targeted with a harmonizing field of effect to the boundaries of any property.

Through the ground, this crystal creates a negatively charged Geoelectric current.  This neutralizes harmful cancer-causing Earth Radiation, making it one of the best crystals for EMF protection.

While it may be small, the Stellar Dome® doesn’t compromise on performance.

Testing scores show it has 100% effectiveness against 5G streetlights. It can harmonize over 30 sources of noxious types of EMF, Earth Radiation, Bioplasmic Radiation, and Solar and Planetary Radiation-induced Geoelectric ground currents.

It is also the only product in the world that can re-create the same quality of energy as Ley Lines – a radiant, healthy Earth Radiation Grid Line commonly found in Stonehenge and many European cathedrals.


  • Available in a variety of beautiful colours without any compromise on performance, as there is no difference between each colour
  • The Stellar Dome® is recommended above the Geoclense® if you have mould in the roof cavity or have living spaces in your vaulted ceiling
  • Only one Stellar Dome® per property is required, including multi-level houses
  • Protects property boundaries from harmful cancer-causing Earth Radiation
  • Place the Stellar Dome® in an open space to ensure effectiveness
  • Does not require central location placement
  • Harmonizes over 30 different sources of noxious EMF fields, which includes radiation caused by 5G streetlights and all Earth Radiation, Bioplasmic Radiation, and Solar & Planetary imprinting (view list here)
  • Created with over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience
  • Clinically tested and proven for effectiveness by Accredited health professionals worldwide
  • Harmonizes harmful positive charge radiation to protect your body, meridian energy and vital organ energy from EMF stress
  • Only product in the world that creates energies similar to Ley Lines
  • It is tested for 100% effectiveness against 5G streetlights
  • Dimensions: Width 7.5cm, Height 2.7cm, Weight 100g

* Due to the handmade quality of this product, minor variations in colour, finish and size may occur however this will not impact the effectiveness of the product.

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Stellar Dome

Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Ruby, Saffron, Violet Flame®

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