Michelle Reinhardt

Milti the Ener-Bear

Your little ones' very own EMF radiation protection! Keep young children safe and comforted with Milti the Ener-Bear.


Young children are exposed to various toxic EMFs that can significantly affect them when they are ill. Milti the Ener-Bear is the perfect solution.

In addition, these EMFs can cause roadblocks to a child’s recovery in their homes and hospitals.  Some beds may emit radiation such as human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation and even death imprints, which are dangerous to young children. 

Our Milti is a cute and cuddly toy bear that shields your child from the dangers of EMF. While he may be fluffy, don’t let his soft furs fool you! He is permanently energized to provide the best protection from any surrounding EMFs. 

Milti’s comforting nature also makes him suitable for our elderly in Nursing Homes, providing them with a radiation-free space. 

How Milti the Ener-Bear works

Milti is created with Orgone Effects® very own Orgonium® infusion process to harmonize any harmful EMF and imprints. This harmonizing field of negative charge surrounds the contacting body to neutralize the positive charge energy influences from all sources of harmful EMF. 

Milti’s space-cleansing abilities extend to the size of an average bedroom or hospital room – ensuring that your loved one’s energy fields, organs, and meridians are supported and balanced.


  • Made with premium plush fabric 
  • Colour: Neutral Brown 
  • Size: 20cm height
  • Infused with energizing and cleansing properties that will last a lifetime
  • Neutralizes bed imprints such as illness imprints, emotional imprints, and death imprints. 
  • Harmonizes over 30 different sources of noxious EMF fields, including 5G and EMFs from hospital monitoring equipment
  • Neutralizes Earth Radiation, human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation, and Solar and Planetary energy imprints that may silently affect your emotional well-being and long-term health.
  • Created with over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience
  • Clinically tested and proven for effectiveness by Accredited health professionals worldwide

* Milti the Ener-Bear comes with a Tag.

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