Kitchen Pack


Enhances the energetic qualities of liquids and food.

A practical and convenient collection of 4 large and 4 small Water & Food Rejuvenation Plates for daily use in your kitchen and household. The “Kitchen Pack” was created based on our own personal experience of the ease of using more than one plate at a time, every day.

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The Water & Food Rejuvenation Plates are designed to infuse a negative charge to energize liquids and food to improve their frequency, taste and hydration qualities.

The Rejuvenation Plates also dissolve residual energy from fruit and vegetables grown in radioactive geological matter (Earth Radiation) such as uranium and coal, of which either or both may be present in the soil.

On a physical level, the surface tension of a liquid placed on a Rejuvenation Plate is lowered, and thus may enable better hydration qualities for the human body and may improve cell hydration. Orgone charged water tastes softer and slightly sweeter and is noticeable by the energized feeling in your stomach. The water has energetic qualities like pure mountain spring water straight from the stream.

Dr Emoto's method of water photographyIndependent water testing was conducted in Switzerland (performed by Dr Emoto’s method) showing the energetic qualities of distilled water (dead water) before being placed on the Water Rejuvenation Plate (left) and then after (right), showing how the Rejuvenation Plate returns the water to its more natural state.

So many uses!…

  • All fruits, Vegetables and Liquids
  • Shampoos, Conditioners, Toothpaste, Face & Body lotions improve their effectiveness after being charged and the residual energies have been removed.
  • Vases of flowers tend to last much longer after being placed on a plate.
  • Energizing Crystals – Crystals that have accumulated a lower resonance and need cleansing are re-balanced, so much so, that we have found that crystals that have been energized and cleared by the Rejuvenation Plates tend to stay clearer for a greater than usual period. We have many crystal dealers incorporate the Rejuvenation Plate into their quality systems to ensure that their customers receive crystals in peak energetic condition.
  • Essential Oils – By placing an oil burner or diffuser on the Rejuvenation Plate, the aromatic resonance of the oil is amplified up to 6 meters allowing you to receive greater pleasure from your essential oils. Without the Rejuvenation Plate, the aromatic resonance would only extend as far as 1m from the burner.
  • Tonics, Ciders, Herbal Tinctures, Liquid Nutritional Supplements
  • Freshly squeezed or bottled Juices, Smoothies, Wine, Beer, Soups
  • Fresh Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Kefir, Yogurt, Oils, Vinegars, Sauces
  • Place under an electric kettle
  • Use as a dinner placemat
  • Pack a plate to use while on holidays
  • Take a plate to Restaurants and Cafes
  • Keep in the fridge to keep food fresher for longer
  • Place under a water filter
  • Place under pot plants

rejuvenation plate waterTo use the Rejuvenation Plate:  Simply place the plate directly under fruit and vegetables or under a container holding liquids and food, and leave for one minute to charge.

Plate sizes:
Large – 160mm diameter
Small – 100 mm diameter


The “Kitchen Pack” includes: –
4 x Large Water & Food Rejuvenation Plates in Green, Blue, Orange and Purple colours.
4 x Small Water & Food Rejuvenation Plates in Green, Blue Orange and Purple colours.