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Ener-Yoga Mat Patch

 Keep your yoga practice EMF-free and feel the earth’s natural healing energy with the Ener-Yoga Mat Patch.


The Ener-Yoga Mat Patch is designed to support you throughout any yoga or meditative exercise. Its harmonizing capabilities neutralize all noxious EMF surrounding you during your practice, providing a more calming and grounding experience.

The Ener-Yoga Mat Patch can harmonize the surroundings of an average yoga studio with 40 people, making it a popular choice for yoga teachers and studio owners.

How the Patch works

Through the Orgone Effects® infusion process, the Ener-Yoga Mat Patch clears your yoga space by harmonizing all EMF surrounding it. The mat’s blissful negative charge helps you stay grounded to the earth by stimulating your meridians to enhance your meditations.

To use, simply attach the patch to your favorite Yoga Mat to neutralize all sources of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation, such as:

  • Earth Radiation and ground currents during meditative yoga
  • Positive EMF surrounding charges
  • Human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation imprints such as illness and emotional imprints left by yoga participants
  • Adverse psychic impressions from buildings and all other Bioplasmic Radiation imprints


  • Patch size: 10cm diameter
  • Made from durable material
  • Can be placed in any location and on the underside of your yoga mat
  • Harmonizing abilities that will last a lifetime
  • Harmonises over 30 different sources of noxious EMF fields, including radiation caused by 5G
  • Neutralises Earth Radiation, human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation, and Solar and Planetary energy imprints that may silently affect your emotional well-being and long-term health.
  • Created with over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience
  • Clinically tested and proven for effectiveness by Accredited health professionals worldwide

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