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How do you  Raise your Vibrational Frequency to get what you want in life?  It’s easier than you think, these 12 steps will see you on your way.

Why increase your Vibrational Frequency and what is it anyways?

The collective intelligence is tuning into “Vibrational Frequency” believing that there must be more to life.  This question is being asked of me more and more.  The seekers have found  The Secret and ‘The Law of Attraction’ and many have given it a red hot shot and come up wanting. And why?  Why does it work for some and not for others?

Well, let’s pull it apart for you.

Just to confuse you, let’s talk frequency first.  The most concise explanation I have heard is that of a radio frequency.  Tuning the dial just enough to get the quality of sound you want, sometimes when we move into different locations we’ve got to tune again to make it clear.  Our thoughts have the ability to require us to keep turning the dial and re-tuning.

How do you feel when you’re in low frequency?  Like nothing ever goes right.  In this space it is your ego that is restricting source energy – and it shuts down intuition and love through both your mind and your body.

How do you feel when you’re in a high frequency? Like nothing could ever possibly go wrong. You are invincible.  When we are allow a greater flow of light and energy through or body we are switched into intuitive thoughts.  If in this space of ‘non-judgemental and unconditional love’ each person that enters your energy field is raised to that vibration.

What causes the fluctuation? – I mean seriously, it can be like a roller coaster some days right? Up one second and down the next?  Your emotions are wholly and solely responsible. They are the mirror reflecting your every thought and matching you to what your vibration is.

Between a negative and positive vibration there are billions of possibilities in between.  The most important part in increasing your vibration is knowing the distinction between what is low and what is high.

And how do you know the difference?  By checking in with how you are feeling.(Blog coming to explain this further) An emotion that does not feel good is a low vibration and similarly a great emotion is a high vibration. You can increase your vibrational frequency by doing something that causes a great emotional result.  What creates emotion? (Blog coming to explain in greater depth)    It’s thoughts. Emotions reflect thoughts and thoughts are a vibration.  Our random thoughts create our vibration, and we choose them consciously or unconsciously.  We are a human being unless in a meditative state it is rare we are not thinking.  Have I still got you with me?

The jewel in this post is….

Choose thoughts that make you feel emotionally good’.  Another way of looking at it is this,  if it feels light and bright it’s right.”

What you focus on you receive vibrationally.  In other words, focusing on good things will hold a high vibration and deliver great stuff and focusing on crap things will hold a crap vibration and deliver more of that.

When we can Master our thoughts to match the vibration we desire we get the results we want not the same old same old crappy ones we’ve been re-living.  Then it gets really exiting and you can find yourself on the way to A Million Dollar Mindset

How do we shift the crap to ‘snap’ and vibrate up to make positive and lasting changes in our lives?

Pick a few of the following that you love the sound of and consider adopting them to keep your vibrational frequency at the top of the charts

  1. Make conscious positive changes in your beliefs, fears, habits and judgements in regards to your lifestyle.
  2. Music has the ability to take us to it’s vibration, we can use it to lift and raise us higher.
  3. Read/educate yourself with anything that is inspiring. Books that cause you to feel good, read  spiritual teachings.
  4. Exercise oxegenates your brain, releasing endorphins . Ensure you choose exercise you love doing not one that you don’t
  5. Aromatherapy or Colour therapy will raise you to the frequency of the ingredient that went into the aroma or the frequency of the colour you are looking at.
  6. Look for things you are wanting to see in life is focusing positively, gratefully and will cause you to hold a vibrational match of purse source energy in the very act of gratitude.
  7. Water is second in vibration to pure source energy. Being in water, swimming, showering, helps you resonate deeply with a high frequency.
  8. Have constant RAK attacks. Anytime you are practicing unconditional love you are increasing and radiating high vibration ,look for and find people you can gift a ‘RAK’ Random act of Kindness’ to.
  9. Ask quality questions of yourself, introspection will help you to get to the deeper underlying issues that may need further work from past traumas, past lives, contracts etc.
  10. Laugh and smile. Anything you can do, think, be or say that causes you to laugh is going to lift you.  Seek out those things that cause you to laugh.
  11. Do not resist negative thoughts – accept that you are where you are and move in the direction of where you are going. You cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought if you are wanting to tune into a higher frequency and vibration.
  12. Remember, you are the one that can ultimately increase or decrease your vibration. Nothing else can cause you to do it. You use one of the tips above that offers a higher frequency and then you match

Tune into your thoughts, what emotions do they raise? Use this Introspection to raise your consciousness and awareness and the commitment to your own personal happiness.  Your emotions are the indicator of what your vibrational frequency is. You can learn also about The Law of Prosperity and it’s link to the Law of Attraction to go a little deeper.   But basically……

the better you feel, the higher your vibration and the more you will attract what you do want and less of what you don’t, sweet hey!  In other words …  more Snap and less Crap.

Michelle is an Intuitive mindset and energy coach, A Home Business Specialist in the Direct Sales realm, a Remedial Masseur, Reiki Master, Personal Trainer, Transition Guide, professional marketer and Successful Entrepreneur.  Her passion is more than switching peoples lights on – It is shining a blinding spotlight on‘Unlearning’ the rubbish they’ve been lead to believe and Aligning people with the law of attraction and their own mind blowing human potential.

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