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Grow yourself first to grow your business fast.


It can be quicker and easier than you think.

Once there is a realization that we ourselves are responsible for all that comes to us on this journey of ours we can take control of our outcomes in all aspects of our lives.

Once you know, without a shadow of a doubt that there is a higher force (god, source, higher self) whatever name floats your boat, governing our results and  that we are not alone unless we chose to be,  AND that  it is possible to align with the vibration and energy of abundance, prosperity and utter joy, we can slip into the ‘flow of deep wisdom’ and the ‘ease of wealth.’ It is then we can slow down destruction and speed up success.

Oftentimes I have witnessed a total misalignment with a person and their chosen path,  it’s like watching the polarities of two opposing magnets trying to align clearly this is conflicting and obvious to everyone except those in the battle – It’s just not going to happen not matter how hard you try to pull it together. This is often a part of the growth, to find your ‘sweet spot’ in life, that thing that you do without noticing copious hour slipping by!  Even if you can’t do it as a profession, fit it in as a hobby until you can. If you don’t know what that is I can certainly help you.

When we grow ourselves, we can grow our business fast.  The more vulnerable and open to simply embracing that which we have not learnt yet  the more synchronicity you will be surrounded in. This is a journey, not a destination,  and the more transparent you become  to learning,  the more puzzle pieces you will be delivered.  Some call it luck.  I call it magick.

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Nearly everyone is controlled by outside influences rather than inner realizations.  We humans are spiritual beings in a human experience, we are at cause and as thinking beings cannot help thinking, every thought we think we can’t escape from. Our Universe grabs the thoughts and runs with it which explains why when we are in the flow of positivity and everything is working in our lives things  keep going that way,  until we think something like “Nothing this good lasts forever” and many people  sub-consciously stop the flow.  Equally, like the flip side of a coin many expect bad things to come in 3’s and are relieved when the third thing happens so they can get on with things. It is that very thought that changes the vibration of receptivity into the vibration of lack, and it is nothing more than a habit.  Every thought of every day were are vibrating a Yes, No or Maybe and many wonder why life is one step forward and two steps back.  So, what if, for the split second you watch in your mind’s eye the coin flipping and consciously chose which side it lands on? Heads or Tails?  Positive or Negative? Scarcity or abundance? Failure or success? What you choose will be what you receive.

The law of cause and effect is at play in our mind and it is absolute. There is a Law that causes a plant to grow, a flower to open and all the things we expect and know to be absolute truth in our lives.  We are born, we live and we die.  This is certainty.   The Law I write about today is the Law of Prosperity.  Few have succeeded with this – due to the fact that it is a challenge to believe with the exclusion of ALL niggling thoughts, negative reactions that we know enough, are enough will be enough to succeed.  Those that do believe with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTLY that they will succeed, they find a way to plough through adversity (to the point of being painfully positive) and power through with success the universal tug of receptiveness aligned. They know the Universe will support them and they are not afraid to take the giant leap of faith because they WILL be caught and they WILL succeed.

We all begin life the image of Gods, perfection and are left alone to discover our own nature.  Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and have less to overcome than others.  Our parents, our siblings our peers and our experiences create our reality as we are influenced by those around us. With the Universe and collective consciousness as it is today, never before have we been on such a level playing field.

Never before has there been a time of such opportunity, yet I hear much of ‘Times are hard’ Prices are high’ ‘things are tough’, ‘I can’t get leads’, ‘nobody has any money’, when entertaining these human thoughts we can expect no less than a human result.  What your innermost thoughts are you will receive for this is a Law.

The truth our inner wisdom speaks is a divine thought and when acted upon without question will deliver a divine result.  To get a perfect result our vision must be ‘Crystal Clear‘ in the ultimate prize and believe ABSOLUTELY that it can be done. Next, trust that the mind knows just how and it shall be done.[headline style=”1″ align=”center” headline_tag=”h2″]Start with practicing these 4 simple things things.


Stop all negative thought

Think only about what you want and never about what you don’t want.

Stop looking externally for answers

If there is something in your life that you do not want. Stop fighting it & forget it.

And finally
It is the time right now for you to choose how to experience your life. If your choice is to grow yourself first and grow your business fast, book a FREE  ’30 Minute Rapid Change’ Discovery Intro now with Michelle.

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