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Well hello, folks,

Today’s show is like nothing we’ve done before.  This guest is like no-one I’ve ever met before.

So don’t go anywhere!…….. Grab a pen and paper folks, turn off your zings and pings for 30minutes and turn your undivided attention inward, drop into your heart and listen deeply…get set for a game, some fun, and a whole lot of new ideas

Today’s guest is Becky Howell…

Becky’s zone of genius is at the crossroads between science and woo, she uses happiness as the language of fulfillment. She helps her clients by coaching them into a sustainable and healthy mind-body-soul-emotions practice with programs and retreats. Her newest venture is a new book, workbook, and DIY program on how to bring more happiness into your life.

What is so special about being happy?

Are you happy now?

Why is it so hard to be happy now?

Why happiness is the key to manifest more?

How important is happiness?

We see so many people trying to manifest without understanding how it works or why they can’t get unstuck. Manifesting is a higher-level tool, and if your energetic and emotional house is not cleared and ready – this is not going to work. So a way to get in the proper alignment… the proper frame of mind is to attack this emotionally – through happiness.

Learn the ‘What if’ game and the ‘Why’ game in this show.  They can help you Hack into Happiness and Manifest effectively.   We also share a 4 step process that we weren’t meant to but you get it anyway.

Learn The Hottest truth: “You are empowered to create your own system of sustainable health and happiness. I am giving you permission and the responsibility to take back ownership of this part of you right now. Sure… you will still have things to learn… BUT it is your’s to do”.

Find Becky   www.beckyhowell.com

Facebook as Becky E Howell or Holistic Success Coach or email work best – becky@beckyhowell.com

Link to a giveaway or more information.  

Link to Funny Video as promised :)  https://www.facebook.com/thefunkyboyme/videos/1750830451842797/

Until next week….’ Shine bright superstars, that’s why you’re here

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