Michelle Reinhardt

When you know what your Soul Vibration is you can align more easily with your personal power, purpose, and vision. Journey today with Anne Aleckson, the Soul Speaker; she gives a voice to the power within.

Anne mentors women to stop the struggle and step into the flow so they can fulfill their potential and live a life of purpose and prosperity. Anne is the direct voice channel for a highly evolved nonphysical stream of consciousness All-That- Is who provide transformation through the vibration of the spoken word.

Listen in if you are seeking answers to the question many of having asked in the beginning “There must be ‘something more.’

  • Discover how vital it is to align your Mindset with your journey
  • Learn the 1-second exercise to connect with your soul every day and,
  • How to go direct with your guides.

This is a powerful, informative, and educational discussion to help you align with all that you came here to do. Included also is a powerful channeled message, a special message just for you.

Download your free guide to ‘Finding your soul vibration” here www.AnneAleckson.com

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