Michelle Reinhardt

If you or someone you know struggles with debilitating health issues and are often told they have to learn to live with it, you are in the right place. our guest today has a powerful message for those that have or are struggling to reclaim their lives from chronic illness…… she’s about to challenge you to change that and help get you back onto the path of wellbeing.

Ellouise Heather helps people through the darkness of illness, she works with those recovering from chronic illness who dread returning to a J.O.B. to find their calling, reveal their true selves and alleviate lingering symptoms. She’s an accredited Master Coach, writer, and contributing author to the #1 Amazon Bestselling 365 book series. Her motto is, “Be you, be well.” She loves and appreciates walking her little dog, Pepper, in the scenic British countryside and coast.

Learn the first steps toward healing
Where we pick up the traits of chronic Illness and what to do when people experience physical pain.

This week 3 takeaway tips are not to be missed.

Connect with Ellouise www.ellouiseheather.com
Or on Facebook http://www.bit.ly/BUBwell
Her is the link to a giveaway or more information. www.ellouiseheather.com/bodycalling

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