Michelle Reinhardt

Today’s show takes us into a new realm of ‘Energy.’

And we’re highlighting the transference of Energy between Humans and Animals and how it affects our furry friends.

With special guest Gary Sellars

Gary’s passion for the human mind and body is ongoing, with what started with just understanding body language, eyes, and listening to people’s language and what they really say. Through to Neuroscience, Quantum Psychics, and animal healing.

If you love your animals and want the heads up on healing animals. Settle in and turn your brain on for a treat and learn how energy transfers between Humans and Animals and how can you can utilize this natural gift yourself and ‘Tap’ Into this healing for your animals? Do animals have the same energy chakra system as humans? Tune in to find out.

1 It’s impossible to cry looking up. So when we looking down with our eyes, we access negative and positive emotions. So being aware of what we are thinking and how quickly we can change the state.

2 Everyone is psychic, just go with your gut reaction and learn to trust your intuition. The more you speak what you feel, not think. The more confident you become.

3? This little gem is on the recording

Find Gary here

Best way to find you – wellbeingconsultant@hotmail.co.uk

Facebook – @equineandpethealing

Instagram #animalhealinghealinganimal Link to a giveaway or more information. www.garysellorsholistictherapies.org

Until next week….’Shine bright superstars, that’s why you’re here!

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