Michelle Reinhardt

Learn to bring forth a “New wave of abundance”. Join a powerful discussion of clarity, emotional mastery, and amplifying the uniqueness within. Thanks for Joining Michelle Reinhardt, Founder at ‘Entrepreneurs Globally Unite’ and her special Guest Devesh Kumar ‘The Academy of Genius’ in a 45-minute Mini-Mastermind.

Diving into the depths of why things are so tough for so many and giving solid, powerful strategies to help you choose a different path. If you want to take the easy road for a change, and to begin making quantum leaps and bounds in your life – turn off your zings and pings and settle in for an inspiring, spiritual, and channeled journey.

Devesh guide visionaries, entrepreneurs, and change-makers to amplify the best parts of themselves and guide them to a flow of wealth, freedom, and fulfillment.

Devesh ignites a deep sense of purpose and passion in his clients so that they can amplify the best part of themselves and create more abundance, inside and out.

The 3 Hot tips we discuss in detail,

1. Life isn’t about just being more – It’s about being less of who we believe we have to be, so we can amplify more of who we were all along

2. There is no greater price to pay than the price of giving up a part of who you are. When you are in alignment with your inner truth, people will feel in resonance with and your personal, professional and spiritual life will increase dramatically and true abundance will be yours without the ‘hustle and grind.’

3. The people that you admire the most aren’t the most balanced – They’re outstanding at what they do, and they embrace their ‘outstanding.’ Confident people don’t fixate on their weaknesses. They double down on their strengths.

Ask a question, share your comments, and tell us about any insights you gained in the group. 



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