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Well hello folks and welcome to this week’s show, I am Michelle Reinhardt, creator of the Entrepreneurs Globally Unite Facebook community online and I’m super proud to bring you a dynamic duo today, Today’s guests are bringing a vibrancy to the game of online business for women!

Imagine having all the resources, support, mentoring and guidance you need to develop and grow into your highest version of yourself and impact the world just like you came here to do!

So don’t go anywhere!…….. Grab a pen and paper folks, turn off your zings and pings for 30minutes and turn your undivided attention inward, drop into your heart and listen deeply…get set for some fun and a whole lot of new ideas as I welcome to the show

Courts Lippett and Kirsty Bonner from Smartchicks.
“We’re passionate about a tribe of women that will raise together. Along with helping women to come in the ecosystem in the area that suits them. Startup/scaling and experts, who become influencers and mentors within the space. Making sure women are empowered to create their biz and believe it is possible.

Tune in to find out how these passionate and driven ladies are supporting Women from start-up right through to success, they offer all the bells and whistles to help “You Build a business that serves the world”

Including but not limited to;

√ Authentic Connections – for business owners.
√ A Global Community kicked off 27th March
√ Memberships, Workshops, and courses
√ Mentoring and Leadership opportunities
√ Supporting you to fast track your business. Build a business that you love that serves the words.

And you can register for FREE for the recordings from their SUMMIT on their website www.smartchicks.com.au
Link into their Facebook community Click here to go to the SmartchicksCoterie

Find me, Michelle Reinhardt here Visit Website, join us in my facebook community Entrepreneurs Globally Unite – Click to join

— Until next week….’Shine bright superstars, that’s why you’re here.

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