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Well hello, folks and welcome to E23 Part 1 of a 2 Part show on ‘Activating Abundance‘ and next week E24 ‘Attracting Clients and growing a thriving business’  I am Michelle Reinhardt, your host, and creator of the Entrepreneurs Globally Unite online community and I’m excited to introduce you to today’s guest whose favourite topic is Attracting clients and Growing a Thriving business she’s also a Manifestation Pro!

Now let’s be clear, Abundance is everything around you that you want more of…Money, happiness, clients, joy, peace, love and so much more.

So don’t go anywhere!…….. Grab a pen and paper folks, turn off your zings and pings for 30minutes and turn your undivided attention inward, drop into your heart space and listen deeply to get the jewels of wisdom this lady has to share…get set for some fun and a whole lot of new ideas as I welcome to the show Katherine Yarborough of Flowing with Change, she is the Host of one of the most engaging and interactive Facebook communities I’ve come across  Heart Based Entrepreneurs  She is a ‘Manifesting Abundance Coach’  and is here to help you get started on tuning into and manifesting abundance.

This interview was so packed with goodies we’re recording another one to take it a step further for you into Attracting clients, manifestation, and marketing.

Tune into this conversation around
 Creating an Online business and presence
 Body, mind emotions and behavior integration
 Discovering the key to finding what you want
 How to get ‘unstuck’ and propel you into abundance
 5 step breath process
 7 step abundance shift


The 3 hottest tips to get you started.

Imagine if your life was exactly where you would like it to be!  We’re here to remind you that you don’t have to ‘do this alone – that’s the hard way!’  The easy way is to jump into the energy of acceleration with someone that inspires you to take quantum leaps and bounds in your life.  In an instant, you can begin to feel shifts toward freedom.

Click here to connect to Kathryn’s Site and Free offers  which include

  • Click here for access to your  Free Manifestation E-Book
  • Click here to explore and change your relationship with money Free gift to heal your relationship with Money


Mindset, Energy and Healing transformations with me – Michelle Reinhardt  Visit Michelle’s site   And,  join my online community  Click here to join Entrepreneurs Globally Unite

That’s it from us until next week …..shine bright superstars!  That’s why you’re here!

Love and light xx Michelle

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