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Today ,  taking “Just a Few Moments” of your busy day, I invite you to join me on a beautifully powerful inner adventure to fuel the fire and the light within, releasing doubts, worries, fears leaving behind the limitations of the ego and stepping joyfully into the light of the true essence of who and what you came here to be.

I am Michelle Reinhardt – an Abundance Activator… teaching Awakening and Emerging Souls to bring their big, HUGE,juicy dreams to life.. Personally, Professionally, Spiritually and financially so you can be all you came here to be…..and then some.

Please do not continue with this recording if you are driving as you will be guided into a divine meditative state.

Allow me to remind you that All that you seek is seeking you.

There is a large part of you existing now in the human realm, there is also a larger part in spirit, in the angelic realm, in light. We are living in a powerful time for us to fully realign with our light ,to fully channel our divine blueprint, to be all that we came here to be by bringing that light to us as our highest self.  Today,  right now….I we will share the secrets that your heart already knows.

With your trust, willingness and through opening your heart all is possible by surrendering to the light of the divine that you find within and bring all that into the physical, into existence and into creation.


Please ensure that you are adequately hydrated, get your yourself comfy either sitting up or lying down and join me in a beautiful deep breath in, noticing where that energy of your breath lands in your body …. and as you exhale send away any drama’s, worries, thoughts or concerns out with your breath.

Breathing deeply into your belly – filling with light and love

And as you exhale…..relax your body, your mind……  Relax.


We call in Angels, ascended masters, healing ascended masters, teachers, and each of our highest most living guides and angels please come in and connect with us now in our own unique way now.  Using your mind’s eye and your heart feel into your body and offer permission to deeply receive healing of the highest order  raising your allowance levels and opening to all that is possible .


In your minds eye, locate within your heart a glowing light.   imagine your In-Breath fanning the flame of light within your heart, as you breathe out allow the light of your heart to expand.

Breathing in, fanning the flame and breathing out to extend into your entire aura.

Breathing in deeply into the light in your heart and breathing out to extend into the room where you sit.  Imagining even more light flowing in through your crown, from your angels meeting with the light of your heart and expanding even more.

Relaxing deeper into the breath, the flame of the growing and expansive fire in your heart and as you breathe out allow this heart centered energy to expand throughout your entire body out into the room, the world as light.

Breathing in light….and breathing out light and your love.

The time is now for you to shine.  The time is now for you to allow your gifts in spirit, your purpose to come into the centre stage, there is no more waiting, or wondering our doubting.  No more fearing, only trusting, flowing, acting with the Universe.  Feel into your inner world now of peace and calm now.  Know that within this calm collected presence, you are not limited, you have available to you all of your spiritual power, the wisdom, light, strength of your soul.  It is waiting for you to align with NOW.   Open your heart, calm your mind and return to full knowing that you are conscious matter, you are all that is. You are everything, everyone, everywhere We are One” And as you breathe out, allow the blessing and the light of your heart and spirit to EXPAND and flow out and into the world, blessing your physical body, physical location, all of your loved ones.

Increasing once more your allowance levels, know, sense and acknowledge what fear or doubts or hesitations you’re holding onto and why.  You have unlimited light potential, what is holding you back, what thoughts, beliefs or illusions prevents you from running with your truth, your inner potential, your power?  FEEL this, do not run from the fear or doubt, let it come up from deep with, let it come to the surface and now let it go….breathe out and set them free into…breathe them toward your Angels and allow them to take them for you, allow them to life up the fear, the uncertainty, the doubts up and out of this room, into the light and returning it to oneness.  IN YOU where this was, OPEN and feel the void where fear, doubt and uncertaintly was and fill it with the pure vibration of unconditional love…Breathe in deeply and FILL UP completely with Trust, Wisdom, Peace, relaxation, POWER.

You are infinately powerful when you are in your heart and with spirit,

As you surrender and release the worries and thoughts of your mind and surrender to the full power of your heart allowing your spirit to soar trust that as you kindle this within you and allow your true inner light to shine it becomes more powerful, playful and enjoyable.

Allow creativity and light lead your way, when you follow this this path you cannot help but to experience joy, and love and bliss.

Leave behind the limitations of your ego, gleefully hand them to your Angels and as you do you strengthen the bond with the Angelic being that you truly are, the being you were before you chose to be physical and the being you are that still awaits you in the spiritual realm.

Remember your open heart, your centre, your power will guide you to your highest good with your heart open and your mind calm.  You suffer when you are attached to the lies, the fear and the doubts of mind.  Simply surrender them to spirit and accept that you ARE spirit, powerful beyond all imagination, you ARE grace, you ARE love, you ARE light.  Let THIS flow through you.  Let THIS be your identity.

Tasking a moment….tune into your Energy, your Vibration and allow it to grow.  As your vibration becomes larger, more powerful and vibrant the struggles and challenges in everyday life will no longer be a challenge.  Accept with compassion and love the divine nature of your every experience meeting challenges and joy with the same conscious truth that is who you REALLY ARE at your core.  You are light, frequency and energy.

Be weighed down  no more

Be Free

Let go of the worries, the fear, the lies.

Hand over the last ditch ego efforts…Let go….Hand them over.   Watch them drift away, into the clouds and connect with your light coming back in on this and every inhale.

Know that you are safe and supported.  Your angels applaud and rejoice every time you drop into your truth, this space, this portal of your heart.  Allow your full wonder to shine through bringing you the peace and authentic connections, the happiness and the knowing that all is well in this and every now.  Dive in deep into your inner world and inner being.

Allow yourself to be wrapped in love and light by your team in spirit.  Feel the embrace and use this energy as confidence, as courage and your doubt and fears and worries melt away.  No more do they serve you and no more do they restrict you.  Let go and FLOW with your spirit guiding and urging you to follow your truth.  Take your next step and as you do know that your next step will appear, you are guided, loved, blessed and carried in light.  Carry this light and know it is true.  Open your heart and your healing is automatic.  You are the way…You are the truth, you are the light.  You are the one, there is no other than you, your greatness lies within, you are all you ever needed open hearted and connected to spirit, you are in control of the reality you experience, fill it with light and love .

You are a master of light in physical form.  Respond to everything  EVERYTHING with love.  Notice your heart within your core, glowing brightly.  Illuminated and shining.  Allowing one final release of all that no longer serves you both known and unknown throughout all time space and dimension to be revealed and released  into the loving care of the light, of your angels.  If you are ready.  WHEN you are ready step forward in your mind and heart, step into awakening, being conscious, being aware and know that you are loved beyond measure.  You are the one and now is the time.  You courage is noted and encouraged with great joy. Keep going…keep trusting, follow the urges of your soul and heart and let your highest possible state of being come to be….If  not now when?  Now is the time.  You are the one! A lifetime of support and co-creation awaits.

“I am one with all life.

Blessed be.


Please repeat this meditation for 7 – 21 days to effect the change you wish to see in the World.

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To make it to that next level in our lives we all need support, we need accountability and we need to understand how and why we hold ourselves back so we can start to heal it and begin to thrive.…

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Sending HUGE love into your day and your life.

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