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Today taking “Just a Few Moments” of your busy day, we begin to open a direct channel to your ‘Community of guides’ to activate your “Channel of abundance” Physical, spiritual and financial abundance. Together, we’ll explore, expand, and at the same time remove the one thing in your way from being all you came here to be…and then some.

You’re with Michelle Reinhardt.


Have you begun wondering who you really underneath all the things we thought we were? We’re not alone, and we never have been, even though we may feel it at times!  Do you wonder how truly powerful you might be?

Let’s explore that, shall we?

We have a Channel which is a direct link to the Universe of ‘All that is”  We are connected to a greater or lesser extent to what I like to call “The Creator” via our Chakra column.  It extends beyond our physical chakra’s creating a column, it and we are linked intrinsically with both The Creator as well as our Community of between 12 and to and beyond 144 Guides consisting of Angels, Archangels, star beings, Ascended Masters, Elementals, and goddess beings and also deeply into the dimensions of the Earth.  Your channel expresses energy, you are the master creator of the energy within it –you are already using this ‘innate skill’ in multiple ways, mostly until now unconsciously – we are about to change that.

Today in “Just a few Moments” I will assist you to ‘connect’ into Your Energy Column to co-create with your team spiritual, emotional, and financial abundance.

Are you ready? Please do not continue if you are driving. Are you ready? Please do not continue if you are driving.

Get yourself nice and comfy…

I am one with all life.

Blessed be.


Gently wriggling your toes, and fingers, come back to the space knowing that which you wish for you already are.  Welcome back.

It is recommended to repeat this meditation for 7 – 21 days to effect the change you wish to see and be in the World and to continue the attraction of your Abundance energy and the release of fear.

Please join me next week as I take you through another powerful yet very VERY transformational technique combining education, meditation, and deeply profound healing.

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Sending HUGE love into your day and your life.

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Channeled Art  – Lisa Ormenyessy

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