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Increasing Anxiety? Mind and Soul cohesion


Limited Time FREE Treatment Upgrade
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You have the power to completely transform your life if you catch the wave and align to this new paradigm. 

There is no 'return to normal' and we need to recalibrate a new way of being and doing things.  Our body is the storage container of the energies of our past and present anxieties, worries, thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as those of our loved near and dear ones, when left in our human vessel these energies, if toxic, manifest into pain, soreness and fatigue, both mental, emotional and physical and can have a detrimental effect on our lives.  

A main benefit of Energy healing (which leads to a lot of other benefits) is reducing stress,  our body simply cannot heal when it is a constant state of stress. 

My clients are enveloped in Spiritual Coaching Strategies, and very gently introduced to the new way in healing modalities and energy transmutations as easily as they breathe, initiating relief and peace. 

What To Expect In A Session With Michelle

Q.  What can I expect in a session?   

AOnce your session is confirmed, you will receive further instructions, but just for now, you will be invited to pre-prepare up to 3 items you wish to have addressed in your session. It can be a mix of Coaching and Healing, which can and often includes readings. Your time with Michelle will be divided in accordance to your needs. 

Q.  Can Physical ailments really be relieved in a remote energy healing session?

A.  Absolutely, you will learn a process that helps you work with pain on an ongoing basis

Q.  Where is the session conducted?

AIn a private zoom Meeting Room, you will need a quiet space and headphones.  The sessions is recorded so you get to listen over and over again. 

Q.  Is there a limit to the amount of sessons I can book with this special offer?

A.  Yes, this special offer is limited to One session per client.  Of course, you are welcome to book other services. 

Q.  What type of Energy Healing is channeled?

A.  Michelle is an Angelic and Usui Master Healer and Trainer, being attuned to the kingdom of light it is predominately the Angelic and Archangelic realm that comes through in assistance. 

Q.  What if it doesn't work for me?

A.  You will be offered a refund if you are 100% completely dissatisfied.

Michelle's question to you is "Do you really have anything to lose? An incredibly small investment may unlock the keys to your exquisite future"  

Michelle Reinhardt

Remote service.   By appointment only.


I don’t know how to explain what Michelle does, but she is amazing! Won’t go into details, but I booked a healing with Michelle & wow, We connected straight away. Her gift is real & her help & support, has been the greatest gift I could have given myself. I know I have a life long friend.  Amazing result  

Dawn Methven 

Michelle was the perfect person to meet under, what were for me, difficult and stressful circumstances. The treatment was so much more than a massage, it was as described a therapy for the soul. I feel so grateful to have had the experience of such a caring and insightful practitioner. 

Mary Wade 

Michelle Reinhardt you are absolutely amazing at what you do. Not only does your healing take you to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awakening, you also offer an immense amount of wisdom. Michelle you are a wonderful person and a gifted light worker and healer, who truly wants only the very best for your clients.

Thank you so such Michelle for all that you have done, and for doing it with such a pure heart. 

Rachel B.

I was feeling lost when I first found Michelle as I was helping my family through a very traumatic time in our lives.  Again, recently I reconnected and was feeling a little broken after our triumphant but exhausting battle.  I felt like Michelle literally put me back together.  She relieved me of the heavy weight of emotions I felt like I was carrying and gifted the true me back to myself.  I will be forever grateful to Michell for sharing her gifts with the world.  She is like an all knowing wise and loving older sister and you can't help feeling good just having been in her presence.  Thank you Michelle!


I have participated in many remote sessions as well as in person.  It is always the most amazing experience.  The learning is indescribable. I can assure you, your life will change.  The connection to Michelle is pure, it is unique as well as reflective and challenging.  One you will enjoy and remember for the rest of your life.  Thank you Michelle for this opportunity of a lifetime.  


I never knew what to expect in a remote session, I felt like the time went in seconds and so much of the weight in my body lifted, the pain eased and my thoughts for once were helpful and kind. 

I'm not sure how it happened but the more I let go, the more let go and I felt freer than I had in such a very long time.  I particularly loved learning about how energy works and I will forever mindful of what I create with my thoughts forever more.   Thank you Michelle. 

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