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Why is the Earth Star the best place to start?

Many know about the 7 chakras within our physical body, the one I want to activate with you today is located about 12 inches below the feet, and makes up the etheric (or non-physical) body.  When the Earth Star Chakra is open, it brings grounding which in turn calms us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually!  With an open earth star, we can learn to release all of our tensions, upset and negativity into the ground.  Once the connection is formed with the earth star we can also take in the Earth energy, that brings peace, contentedness, security, satisfaction and a new practical perspective on life.  

We are no longer caught up in the destructive emotions of fear (for our safety, our health, our wealth, our loved ones), anger, jealousy, etc., but we are at ease, we can enjoy life and the time we have on earth. We can get on with the sweet things in life we were born for!

Disclaimer - as your body adjusts to the amount of light it can receive you may feel twitching, restless legs, a little out of sorts as your body starts releasing all the old programs, patterns and beliefs out of the body - all that stuff is just energy and it can't stay around.  Reach out if you need, and seek medical assistance if you feel overly out of sorts.  Be smart.  

Extra Things That Can Help With The Earth Star


I am grounded in pure spirit to the crystalline grid
My Energy is completely grounded and stable
I am connected, grounded and supported with the healing energy of Mother Earth

The Energy of Earth flows up through and around me

I release all negativity, unwanted emotions, and negative behaviours into Mother Earth as easily as I breathe

CRYSTALS (Have these in your hand during the meditation):

Black Obsidian

Black Tourmaline

Red Jasper

ESSENTIAL OILS  (Use in vaporizer or in an oil on your feet):


Ylang Ylang



Chakra Blend Pack of Essential Oils available. For more details click here.

SOUND THERAPY (Use headphones for maximum effect):


Archangel Sandalphon 


I now know without a shadow of a doubt that all I need is within, and every day my connection to my higher power is stronger and stronger and the confidence to trust and go with the flow is easier.  The confidence I am now feeling is emanating out and drawing beautiful people to me every day and so much joy and happiness fills my life. 

Erin Strachan



This program is one of the best I have participated in.  Michelle's guidance is amazing and the daily meditations are so powerful.  

I have never felt so connected in a beautiful and loving way to my Higher Self and guides and highly recommend signing up for the program.

Kirsten Bell



I was feeling lost when I first found Michelle and I left her feeling strong, clear and energised to tackle what lay ahead.  I felt like Michelle literally put me back together.  I will be forever grateful.  She is like an all knowing wise and loving older sister and you can't help feeling good just even being in her presence.

Rachel Barbounis


Hi! I'm Michelle and I'm here to get this party started

You need this activation if you

Often find yourself walking into rooms and forgetting why!
Keep losing phone, keys, glasses, etc
You find yourself in overwhelm often, emotional and even anxious!
Have physical symptoms coming and going (sore knees, random pains) etc
Feel ungrounded, spacey, unfocused.
Spend a lot of time inside on devices.

See you at the start of the Party!

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