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Soul Therapy By Michelle

“Do you know every time you lean into a conversation you give a bit of your energy to that person, every time you get mad, angry, sad you do it again and it locks in your body as pain and dis-ease"  Is it any wonder you often feel depleted and exhausted?

If you don’t know how to recall your energy and release that of others, you can end up bone tired, sore and sick and worst of all don’t even know why, or how to fix it”.  

This is where an Intuitive Soul Treatment can help. 

Michelle lovingly combines 30 years experience and a variety of modalities for you to re-align and re-member how incredible it feels to be Pain Free and what it's like to Feel Amazing.  

An Intuitive Soul Treatment is a gorgeous combination of  Intuitive Massage, Angelic Reiki, Body balance and Energy and Sound Healing. Just to name a few!

This could be exactly what you need to bring balance to your World.

The life you fell into doesn't have to be the one you stay in, sometimes things need to fall apart so they can fall beautifully back together! 

Mind, Body and Soul Integration and Healing

Intuitive Massage.  Hands on and Hands off healing and coaching.

Many are feeling that things in and around them are really tough, feeling dark, tired, sore, sick, and sick and tired of being sick and tired, most have tried numerous main stream options to no avail. 

You know when you "know" something’s not right but can’t put their finger on it?  Have you  ‘Awakened’ to the fact that life shouldn’t be this hard and found me by some kind of coincidence? 

Personally, I don't believe in coincidences, I believe you have been led right here to receive exactly what you need to begin your journey back to perfect balance and health. 

“Working with Michelle" offers you body work treatments and Energy Alignment, Spiritual Coaching and Spiritual Hypnosis."  (not all at once)  You can feel the weight of the World dropping away and the freshness of hope seeping back into your body,  mind and soul. 

With less time than you would think you can learn how to move beyond things that are holding you back and keeping you stuck and creating the same patterns day after day with no reprieve.  Via soul therapy  you can learn to tap into the universal power that is all around us but most of all WITHIN all of us, waiting for the invitation to support us in life. 

What  many haven't learned yet is how to tap into our own unique innate wisdom and healing potential, we have  everything we need to step into a life of fulfilment, happiness and fun! 

Many of my clients arrive out of balance Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Financially with low energy, are sore and/or broken bodies with many labels that they 'believe' they must carry through life, I have found this often to be untrue. 

Are you tired all the time, have depressive tendencies, constant pain, mood swings, poor sleep and have low sexual energy?

Your infinite wisdom and self healing are waiting to be tuned into, switched on enjoyed.

We are energy beings and and if we are depleted or, even worse full of another’s energy, we struggling on many if not all levels and degrees. There is however great news

The soul knows how to heal the body and the body knows how to heal itself.  

But if the soul is flat and weak it can’t. When the Mind, Body and Soul are aligned our world becomes a very different place and we can enjoy much more freedom, fun and happiness.

Why Intuitive Massage and Soul Therapy?

Because you deserve much more than rinse and repeat. You deserve to be truly seen, listened to, and be heard at a soul level. 

This is where profound healing occurs. 

You may choose the duration of  60, 90, 120 minute treatments, and,
Deluxe packages are available.

"I believe  you know  that you are here for a bigger, greater purpose than being in pain and lack, which is why I would love to introduce you to a deepening of the Mind, Body and Soul connection.   This journey awakens us to Universal and unity consciousness, a field of infinite potentiality, of fun and freedom. 

Here we discover choices beyond our current limiting reality connecting to our original organic blueprint, awakening the soul and preparing your field for magic and wonderment.

I am delighted you are here"  ~Michelle

 60 Minute Treatment:
Bodywork and Energy Healing

A re-setting of your Mind, Body and Soul.
Releasing of toxic and stagnant energies.

Our Body mirrors our stress, tension and worries.

Our body is the storage container of energy for our past and present anxieties, worries, thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as those of our loved near and dear ones.

When left in our human vessel these energies manifest into pain, soreness, fatigue and  have a detrimental effect on our lives.

Imagine walking out of a body treatment having offloaded a few years of stress and tension, feeling light, optimistic and happy as my clients do. This could be the beginning of getting ‘You’ back or finding ‘You”.

60 minutes of Integrating the mental body via Energy Healing and the human body via Intuitive Massage.  This treatment brings you back into oneness and invites your body to work together allowing access to a different level of well being.  

Combined massage modalities of remedial techniques, swedish relaxation with Energy transmutation using shamanic principals,  envelope my clients initiating profound relief and peace.

90 Minute Treatment:
Bodywork, Energy transmutation and Sound Healing

A Body, Mind and Soul reconnection experience.

The beginning of a divine journey of understanding, self love, acceptance and deeply profound healing.

Welcome to the beginning of Internal Mastery and  deep Healing.

The journey to purposeful and permanent healing begins here as I re-set you in an understanding and connection of your Mind,  Body and Soul.   Our Mind is a trickster and keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns of pain and suffering until it is shown a different way. 

You will float after I have Integrated your mental, physical, etheral and astral body to work together in harmony.  You will find yourself in a different level of well being, peace and happiness. You have just one job, to relax, breathe deeply and receive completely. 

90 minutes together allows for the Integrating the mental body and the human body to work together. 

Combined massage/bodywork modalities of remedial techniques and Swedish relaxation nourishes you from head to tips of toes and fingers, your choice of Essential Oils delight your sensory perceptors and Energy transmutation using shamanic principals, Angelic Reiki and profound sound healing brings you into full alignment with all of your Energy Centres and the very heartbeat of the Earth. 

120 Minute Luxury Treatment: 
Life Changing Spiritual Guidance and Soul Therapy Healing Session

Deep Dive your way to Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Freedom, The Quantum Way .

The beginning of a divine journey into Quantum Healing and 5 D living 'The easy way'

Michelle has been working with clients on and offline for years teaching thousands and helping clients understand the principals of Emotional Guidance and Energy Healing including Quantum Physics across all time, space and dimensions creating rapid results which are transforming people lives.  

If we want amazing things to happen in our life, we must  learn a new way, and the largest component of that is learning how to understand, manipulate and mould energy to fit into what you DO want, rather than getting more of what you don't want in life.  

We are Energy Beings having a human experience and more often than not are completely disconnected from the most powerful part of ourselves, our very essence. 

We are taught to seek everything we need outside of ourselves, even the divine, which keeps us constantly searching and never fulfilled. 

In this session, you are invited to prepare between three and five elements you wish to understand and receive Intuitive wisdom, guidance and healing. You will learn to work with the Emotional Guidance Scale is see exactly how incredibly powerful you are . With the help of intuitive guidance and the Angelic Realm, we plant beautiful seeds for  incredibly rewarding and joyful things to come into your life.

Your own intuitive gifts begin to awaken or develop deeper given the opportunity and understanding of how to tap into them and get all the help you need from right within your own heart.  

The life you fell into does not need to be the end of your story.


**  New ***  Deluxe Healing Package: 
Life Changing Spiritual Hypnosis, Coaching and Guided Soul Alignment.

Are you bone weary from experiencing pain, lack and helplessness? 

New energies are calling us to disassociate from fear and lack, calling you to align with ease, flow and fun!

Most of us focus on painful times in our lives which is exactly what causes them to repeat If we keep replaying the old story it becomes the narrative that we live behind.  This  alignment allows you to overcome the obstacles in your life and use them as a springboard so from now on, you fall forwards into the life of your dreams rather than backwards into chaos and lack. 

Limited Time Offer $720 - $590

The Deluxe Package includes 3 sessions over 4 weeks. 

I find that people are used to receiving a vibrational lift from a healing session,  'That's a quick fix" I prefer to give you the tools and practices you need alongside the knowledge and wisdom to maintain a new state of being and set the wheels in motion for a life change. Most healers work tirelessly in the past, Michelle doesn't, the best part of our lives is waiting to be created - Let's go there instead! 

Changing our vibration is one thing, maintaining and raising it is a whole new ball game.  

Things are never going back to the way they were and I know that you know nothing good comes from stress, winging and complaining.  Sadly, walking time bombs are a dime a dozen at the moment, how would you like to literally live your life above the drama and chaos and help others to do the same? 

The Deluxe Package involves 

Session 1.   Guided Soul Alignment Session

Session 2.  Spiritual Hypnosis Quantum Release Session

Session 3.  Soul Therapy Body, and sound therapy healing Luxury treatment.

During our time together, you can expect to break through blocks and barriers with this unique package Connecting with your inner guidance and your non physical support team invites wisdom direct from your higher self, as well as profound healing and guidance.  We are energy beings having a human experience and at some level you know that or you wouldn't be looking for 'more.'  The missing element is the disconnect from the most powerful part of ourselves, our very essence. 

We are taught to seek everything we need outside of ourselves, the truth is, you have everything you need within and until we re-establish that connection, unfortunately, we go without.  

We go without, until we go within, allow me to lead the way for you.


So… what can you expect before and after a treatment

Before A Treatment  

You may be experiencing uncomfortable body pain, stiffness and tension
Many arrive feeling overwhelmed emotionally, and physically 
One or more areas in your life may be seriously messed up
You are experiencing elevated anxiety and abnormal stress levels
You just want to experience some Pain-Free time
You need a good night's sleep

 After A Treatment

A relaxing treatment will leave you feeling lighter and freer in your body
Offloading the weight of stress and tension helps you feel balanced, calm and relieved
Having received a time out from our problems creates an opportunity for other options to present
Deep and intentional breathing and bodywork brings you back from the edge
The weight of life will seem lighter, less daunting and fun even!  Imagine that! 
Lowering the stress hormone ‘Cortisol’ is proven to help us both cope and sleep  better as well as improve the immune system

What's Included...

Yep, I'm ready to choose my treatment

Simply choose below what feels right for you, whichever gets you the most excited is right! 

Select Your Intuitive Treatment 

Bodywork treatments listed here are In-Person, they can be substituted for Remote Energy healing with Michelle and the Angelic Realm.  


Intuitive Massage and Energy Healing 


One Time

Take the sting out of life and let me re-align re-balance and re-set you, so you feel like yourself again (if you even know what that is)
Imagine walking out of a treatment having completely offloaded years of heaviness, feeling light, optimistic and happy as many of my clients do. This could be the beginning of getting ‘You’ back or finding ‘You”.



Intuitive Massage +  Energy and Sound Healing 


One Time

90 minutes of Integrating the mental body and the human body to work together allows access to a different level of well being.
Combined modalities with Energy transmutation envelope my clients initiating relief and peace.


Soul Alignment, Treatment + Healing


One time

120 minutes to receive blissful physical, emotional and Spiritual relief as well as the tools for ongoing wellbeing.
Receive Intuitive Wisdom, guidance and healing and a clear understanding of the Emotional Guidance Scale and frequency tune up that plants seeds for rewarding and joyful things to come into your life

deluxe package

Soul Alignment, Hypnosis + Luxury treatment


Limited time  $590

120 minutes Guided Soul Alignment Coaching and Integration 
 Spiritual Hypnosis Quantum Release Session
120 minute Soul Therapy Body, Sound Healing Luxury Treatment 
Receive the alignment, tools and practices you need to use old negative patterns as springboards into a new life. 



30 years of blending powerful modalities to bring you back into alignment of balance.  

Pure Essential Oils, Swedish Relaxation, Reflexology, Bowen Technique, Angelic Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Chakra Balancing Chimes, sound therapy; Tibetan bowls, solfeggio music and tuning forks. 

Intuitive healing, energy re-balancing and Remedial techniques brings a unique gift for you to experience. I invite you to treat yourself and re-connect with you. 

Allow me to treat you to a deeply relaxing soul healing. 

 With love.


Would you prefer to connect?

(like the good old days) I warmy livite you to send me a message or call 

+61 417 515 892

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For a quick conversation on any of my services please reach out. It costs nothing to have a chat. 

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Our most asked questions

Is this suitable for me if I have never received a healing?

Yes, if you have come this far, and you feel it's looking good, it will be perfect for you. 

Does it matter if I am vaccinated or not?

No, it does not matter, I will honor your choice either way. In full disclosure, Michelle is not vaccinated. It is requested that there be a minimum 2 weeks from vaccination to treatment time

Can I just receive a Massage?

Yes, you certainly can.  You will be asked exactly what you would like to experience prior to the commencement of the treatment

Do you work with Children.

Yes, Michelle has worked with Children as young as 8 (with parent present) and very successfully with young teens

Can I buy a gift voucher

Yes, gift vouchers are available and personally tailored to the recipient.  Please Contact Me to organize this.  Vouchers are redeemable for 12 Months and are transferrable but not refundable. 

If I've never worked with the Angelic Realm what can I expect?

The Angelic and Arch Angelic realm gently guide, attune and support us every step of the way, as you relax, you will begin to feel their presence nurturing and often guiding you.

What sort of Spiritual Growth can I expect?

Michelle is an accredited Spiritual Life Coach, Angelic Reiki Master Healer and Trainer, Certified Wellpoint Hypnosis practitioner and Intuitive.  She does everything within her power to ensure your higher self is on the path for the highest and purest experience every time. 

Are refunds available if I have to cancel?

Yes, you will be sent a reminder 24 hours before your appointment, this is the time to make any changes, otherwise you may incur a late cancellation of transfer fee. Of course, any reasonable requests will be considered

Can I expect a fabulous result every time?

98% of the time, I will say yes, in fact I have so many return customers, it can be difficult to get an appointment.  However, I will say that, what you bring into the space with you is sometimes hard to leave behind.  Being prepared to release and surrender holding the intention for it to be the best experience possible. 

Got more questions? Ask us...

My goal is to provide an extraordinarily beautiful experience for you, relieving you of heaviness, pain and tension and offering you the way forward to a pain-free, bright and joyful future.

Please forward any further questions to Michelle