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3 Sessions over 4 weeks.
Life Changing Deluxe Healing Package


Here's what you will receive:

During these sessions, you receive blissful physical, emotional and spiritual relief as well as the tools for ongoing wellbeing. 

When we grow weary of experiencing pain, lack and helplessness, there is a desire that awakens for us to find the true source behind our discomfort.  Receiving a healing is wonderful, however, without some new tools to continue to open into areas of our lives that we have not experienced before (wealth, Joy, Happiness, pain-free living etc,)  we fall back into old patterns and habits rapidly. 

I invite you into a life of Pain-Free living, free of Physical, emotional, spiritual and financial freedom. 

Session 1.  Spiritual Hypnosis Quantum Release Session

Session 2. Spiritual Coaching Session

Session 3. Body and Sound Therapy Healing session. 

You will break through blocks and barriers with this unique style of sound frequency spiritual hypnosis healing receiving Intuitive Wisdom direct from your higher self, guidance and healing.  With a clear understanding of the Emotional Guidance Scale, a proven technique for getting the answers you seek directly from your soul

If you want an amazing life, you must learn a new way of working with Energy to attract less of what you don't want and more of what you do.   

Changing the fabric, the texture and the core of your life can be much easier than we are led to  believe. 

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My goal is to provide an extraordinarily beautiful experience for you, relieving you of heaviness, pain and tension and offering you the way forward to a pain-free, bright and joyful future.

Please forward any further questions to Michelle