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90 Minutes Treatment
Bodywork, Energy Transmutation and Sound Healing


Here's what you can expect:

A thoroughly enjoyable experience awaits as Michelle tailors your 90 minutes to your unique needs. The journey of purposeful and permanent healing begins here.

You will feel a re-settling of your Mind, Body and Soul as we clear the clouds in your mind and release the heaviness in your bones. 

Utilizing Michelle's skills of Intuitive Massage (Remedially trained)  Swedish relaxation, Angelic Reiki reading and healing, gentle Solfeggio Sound healing, sound bowls and tuning forks, established shamanic principals, toasty warm towels, crystals, and natures pure essential oils you will drift into a deeply relaxed state of homeostasis.

As you relax deeply, your body's own innate healing establishes its own perfect healing initiating profound release of tension and stress stored in your Mental, Physical and Emotional Bodies, we come back into oneness, relief and peace. 

You will feel a sense of alignment of your energy centres as well as the very heartbeat of the Earth. 

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My goal is to provide an extraordinarily beautiful experience for you, relieving you of heaviness, pain and tension and offering you the way forward to a pain-free, bright and joyful future.

Please forward any further questions to Michelle