Angelic Reiki

In Person and Remote 
Healing with the Angels

Receiving an Angelic Reiki Healing whether in-person or remotely could quite possibly change your life, it certainly did mine. 

It is not Michelle per say that gives this healing, she merely facilitates the channel of energy, holding a clear, pure and open space for the Angels themselves to give the healing.  The Angels know everything about us, they know and understand our sadness, what makes us anxious and worried.  They know the root cause which is held deeply in our cells.  They see us as the Multi Dimensional being of light that we are and this healing comes to you at that level. Blockages are able to be removed in this life as well as past incarnations. 

This healing system enables you to fall forward into a space of hope, peace, fun and happiness.

Meditation Classes in Boronia with Michelle Reinhardt

About Me

Michelle Reinhardt is an alternative and holistic coach and therapist based in Boronia, Melbourne, Australia.  

She is an intuitive weaving decades of learning and experience into unique body and energy work. 

Michelle specialises in energy work (Angelic and Usui Reiki) Quantum Touch and a unique blend of bodywork, spiritual hypnosis, reflexology, crystal and sound healing. 

She is an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher. 

Her goal is to bring you into a pain-free life, an understanding of who you really are and support you to be all you came here to be.

"When I started doing Michelle's meditation, I couldn't imagine the possible outcome I have achieved to date. I have cleared some old patterns, blocks and limiting beliefs, I find that my days are less stressful. It has made the most wonderful changes in my life. I really look forward to each new week of meditations and the deep sense of peace and relaxation it brings to my life."


What you can expect

What does an Angelic Reiki healing session look and feel like?

Each experience varies in accordance with the client's needs.  Pre-preparation is critical in getting the results you desire, as such, you will be invited to have a short list of what you want assistance with. 

The Angels and I will encourage you to step out of victim and into your power whilst helping you feel loved, supported, happy and guided.

An Angelic Reiki card spread activates the energies as the Angels present for you in accordance to how you best receive, let me explain…

We all have a predominant way of receiving from Spirit/Angels, some are lucky enough to have all senses activated but generally speaking….

We see visions and images if we are clairvoyant, 

We hear voices and sounds if we are clairaudient

We feel sensations and energies if we are clairsentient

We smell things that aren’t there we are clairaudient

If we taste things that aren't there it is called clairgustance

When we just ‘Know stuff’ we are Claircognizant

The Angels will work with you to ensure you have the best possible (and often the most mind-blowing experience)  as well as the most impact from your/our time together. 

You remain fully clothed and Michelle may be either stationary or walk around your body and work with her hands on your physical body or around your body. 

You get to completely relax and enjoy receiving healing of the highest order to what is referred to as your four-body system - which incorporates our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental states, this is not a one-size-fits-all but definitely works for all in a unique and profound way. 

Always, there is a feeling of peace, calm and extreme love.

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So... how will meditation impact you?

Before you receive Angelic Reiki:

You may be a little foggy in your mind
Uncertain about your soul's purpose
You may feel emotional about certain events happening in your life
We can be scattered, distracted and emotional
In a lot of pain and not sleeping well
You could be experiencing high stress levels, anxiousness and shallow breathing
Stuck in fear, feeling overwhelmed, 

After a Healing:

You can feel clear, light and joyful
Purposeful and protected
You can feel peaceful and on purpose
You can feel serene, calm, clear and purposeful
More relaxed, less tension and pain & better sleeping patterns.
Calm, quiet and neutral mind, solutions to problems often present and life is more manageable.
A feeling of connection, peace, harmony and one ness


60 Minute


In Person or remote Reiki Healing.
3 Card Spread to select with the Angels the healing support required
Grounding and connection meditation
Reiki Healing
Healng continues for up to 21 days


90 Minute


In Person Only
Re-Balance and Re-set
3 Card Spread to select with the Angels the healing support required
Grounding and connection meditation
Reiki Healing
Healing continues for up to 21 days.

  • Deluxe body Massage 

  • Essential Oils

  • Powerful Affirmations for Spiritual Cleansing

Mind, Body & Soul Re-set Save 10%  $49.50


3 x 90 min Session Package
In person and Remote
3 x 3 Card Spread to select with the Angels the healing support required
Grounding and connection meditation
3 x Reiki Healing
3 x De-Brief
Healing Continues for up to 21 days
Essential Oil

  • Vibrational attunement

  • Sound Bowls and tuning forks

  • Crystal Healing

In Person - Deluxe Body Massage
Remote    - Spiritual Hypnosis

What else can you expect

Self Healing

First hand experiences and tools and techniques to assist you moving forward

Experiences with Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers

There is nothing quite like experiencing the work of the Angelic Realm, you will feel totally relaxed, safe, lighter and happier

Connection, friendship and support

During these unprecedented times, it’s the things we haven’t learnt yet that make all the difference, Michelle is a Spiritual Coach and Mentor with 30 years experience guiding many home to their truth and their hearts where true peace lies. 

Is a career change on the cards? Can you learn this modality?

Absolutely yes, please look in the events tab or speak to Michelle for more details

Ongoing support

You will be welcomed into Michelle's Free online community and offered Meditation classes, courses and so much more. 


Our most asked questions

Is remote healing as effective as In-Person?

Yes, in many instances, the results are even better remotely

What would you say is the most well-known benefits?

A higher level of mental focus and clarity so you can see yourself, and your life path more clearly.

How many sessions will I need?

That is difficult to answer, personally, I have been and will continue to receive assistance as life throws its curve balls at me (in the most loving way)

What if I don’t feel anything?

Change will always be felt somewhere, the more you relax and tune into the subtle changes around you, the more you will feel.

What happens after a session?

The healing benefits of Angelic Reiki Continue for many weeks.  You will be invited to a follow up within a few days to help you integrate.

Got more questions? Ask us...

My goal is for this to be an extraordinarily beautiful experience of leading you out of your head and into your heart where a beautiful, bright and joyful future exist. 

Please forward any further questions to Michelle