You're in! 

Welcome to the 5 Day Free Quantum Shift Pre-Party, we start on November 1st.

We start on the 1st with a live transmission and a very exciting activation,  following with 4 more days of fun 5 D The Quantum Way Style! You're here because you're team have led you here and, because  your ready, please don't let anyone get in the way of your transformation - especially yourself!  

I can't wait to party with you!   xoxo Michelle


What to do next

Check your Email

Make sure you never miss an email, whitelist us by adding to your address book.  If using gmail, be sure to pull us out of the promo tab and into your primary tab.

Open your Email 

There is a bonus coming your way, which is a transmission never shared before, a powerful  Earth Star Chakra activation, something not many know about and a crucial step toward freedom.


Join Michelle at 7am AEST 1st Nov live for the beginning of our amazing 5 days together for a powerful LIVE activation.  Look out for your private group invitation. (recording available)

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