You're in! 

Welcome to the 5 Day Free Quantum Shift Pre-Party, we start on November 1st.

We start on the 1st with a live transmission and a very exciting activation,  following with 4 more days of fun 5 D The Quantum Way Style! You're here because you're team have led you here and, because  your ready, please don't let anyone get in the way of your transformation - especially yourself!  

I can't wait to party with you!   xoxo Michelle


What to do next

Check your Email

Make sure you never miss an email, whitelist us by adding [email protected] to your address book.  If using gmail, be sure to pull us out of the promo tab and into your primary tab.

Open your Email 

There is a bonus coming your way, which is a transmission never shared before, a powerful  Earth Star Chakra activation, something not many know about and a crucial step toward freedom.


Join Michelle at 7am AEST 1st Nov live for the beginning of our amazing 5 days together for a powerful LIVE activation.  Look out for your private group invitation. (recording available)

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