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30 Secrets To Make Serious Shifts In Your Life In 30 Days

The Quantum Shift Alignment Party

Welcome to the rest of the party!  a playful, fun and hugely transformational journey where you get the tools to break the cycle of self-destruction and unlock a future for yourself you haven't even dreamed possible. 

Our past should not define us - it was just a lesson, not a life sentence and whilst supportive, details action plans and mindfulness practices will connect you with new life-affirming beliefs, insightful self-awareness and even deeper inner peace.  There is a faster and easier way - The Quantum Way, and you've already started, is this your next step?

unstoppable SELF-MASTERY

An Online Party Of Daily Celebrations As We Move From The Heavy And Thick 3D Energies Right On Into The New Earth Energies Of Expansion, Joy and FREEDOM!

"The 30 Day Quantum Shift" invites you to step into a life of Expansion, focusing on where you are going, not where you have been.

Are you ready to embark upon a quest to your sovereignty and at the same time safely and successfully uncover your Self-Mastery?

Are you ready to play 'The Quantum Way?'

This program invites the illusions and shadows forth, illuminating the habits and patterns that have kept us stuck in lack up for release with ease and grace, none of that is who you really are. The re-direct and re-wire process can be swift and fun with your new Star Tribe of Quantum Shifters.  There is a hard way and an easy way to move forward, you have found the easy way,  the key to unlock the path forward into the foundation of your new reality.

Amazing feedback

This program is one of the best I have participated in.  Michelle's guidance is amazing and the daily meditations are so powerful.  I have never felt so connected in a beautiful and loving way to my Higher Self and guides and highly recommend the program. 

Kirsten Bell

Here's what you'll get & what to expect

A new lesson every day for 4 weeks (total of 29 recorded and live lessons) 5 have already been shared in the Pre-Party.  Access to a supportive and private Facebook community as well as private membership portal.  Lifetime access to join the program for free each time it runs. Daily worksheets and reminders and so much more. 

Receive email

You'll immediately receive a welcome email with details to access your Membership portal, if not, contact me!  


Once confirmed you'll be personally welcomed into the fold of Experienced Shifters to enjoy the journey every time it runs!


Each lesson is available at 5:30am AEST.  You can get to it anytime at all during the day although we have found morning works best. 

Membership Portal

Each day, your portal will unlock a new lesson and expansive invocation.   This is your life to THRIVE and experience expansive abundance.  Start today. 


Daily worksheets/editable pdf's accompany the activations and deepen the experience as well as your connection to your non physical team. 

Life Changing

The day I stopped being afraid of what could go wrong and started allowing myself to get excited about what could go right, my life changed,you can expect the same.


30 Secrets To Make Serious Shifts In Your Life In 30 Days

Our Body's now in 5D - Your brain is probably not.  The re-direct and re-wire process can be laborious and hard or it can be swift and fun.

We are imprinted to status quo from the get go.  We're here to break free from that.

Are you willing to do the following for 30 days?

Commit to approximately 15 minutes a day each day (morning recommended) to tune into the daily transmissions, tasks and wisdom of your own soul.
Recognize the trap of the false light and disengage from main stream media?
Dig deep into your mind, heart and soul to find your magnificence?
Honour, Respect and Love yourself harder than you've ever done before?

If so, you can expect remarkable Quantum Shifts in your consciousness, your spiritual connectedness, and your life.

Don't miss this special one time offer

In light of our current economic situation, I am fully  aware many are doing it tough financially, so I invite you to pay what you can afford and you get the same course as everyone.   If you would like to pay it forward for someone else, please contact me and we can work that out.  

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Release your blockages

"I feel I have dropped so much of my past.  I was taught to keep everyone happy, be a people pleaser, don't rock the boat, making work lunches and dinner for your Husband is very important!  I do rock the boat, I speak my truth, but I also know when to remain quiet.  I have always avoided conflict but now I speak up because my voice is important.  I am happy of the divine being I am and feeling great excitement for the amazing life I am creating,  as I continue my journey it strikes me how much more in tune I am with myself, how I now use kind words to myself and by being kinder to myself my light shines brighter to other." 

Alana Arnold

My most asked questions...

What if I can't join live or do my inner work in the mornings, will I fall behind?

Everything will be recorded and you have access to your Membership portal forever.  You can skip a day here and there it makes no difference to your success in the course. 

What if I'm already behind in my daily tasks?

That's ok, you can catch up in your own time, every day a new lesson is uploaded both on Facebook and in your private membership portal, you can go at your own time.

What if I'm not on Facebook?

That's okay - the community support is on Facebook because it is a very usable forum, the course itself is evergreen and you will have your Membership Portal  - you can join the lives on zoom, you will have all the links you need.  

What does it mean to go from self-destruction to freedom?

We are beings always in motion on a planet that is in motion.  Nothing is ever the same, although we perceive it to be, that helps us feel safe and comfortable.  The truth is, we are always moving toward or away from something, it is a choice - we move rapidly and consistently toward freedom.  There is no going back. 

What do you mean by enlightenment?

When I speak of enlightenment, I speak of freedom, emotionally, spiritually, financially and mentally.  This is a rebuilding of self: foundation, inner worth, strength, support and it's all hinged on love.  If you struggle to find love for yourself, you will struggle until you can.  Enlightenment is knowing your value and your worth. 

How much support will I get?

Michelle is in the Facebook group tirelessly supporting each and every one to achieve their intentions and available via email If you reach out to her you will receive everything you require and some. 

Why is it so important to do our emotional healing work?

Emotional healing/energy work is the foundation from which we grow and evolve toward our greater purpose.  Each of us has been subject to pain, injustice, heartbreak, loss and many other experiences that affect how we feel about the world and ourselves  Working with the emotional body with zero judgement and processing our experiences in a healthy way gives us the opportunity to be free and available to life as it unfolds and we step into our true creative power.  

What is Michelle's 80 - 20 philosophy?

Quantum Work is focusing on where you are going and not where you've been.  As a Master Healer we get the healing work done AND we spend most of our time carving the path forward and setting your dreams and desires onto your forward timeline.  We work 20% on healing the wounds of your past including ancestral and 80% of our time is forward focus.  This is where people Quantum Leap! 

YouR exclusive discount - are you ready to join in? 

Each day, we focus on a Different Lesson,  Expansive Invocation and creative task.  This is your life to THRIVE, to express and experience enormous compassion, expansive abundance and great joy.
Please, come and join and walk on into FREEDOM,  The Quantum Way.

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