In just 5 short days I will reveal the Quantum Secrets to Unlimited Abundance

You were not born to fit in, you were born to stand out, which is why you're here!  This is your invitation to the Pre-Party, the Soul's Roadmap from Overwhelm to Empowerment, offering you Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Financial  Freedom without Funk!  

The next Party Starts November 1st, 2021

What is the 5 day Pre-Party challenge?

Day 1 - Your Invitation to step into your Magnificence

Todays secret reveals that 'nothing you need is outside of you', you are all you have been waiting for and all of you has been waiting for this moment.  As you learn to shine from the inside, your life starts shining brightly outward.  As you learn to become your own powerhouse, you purposefully begin creating the life of your dreams, and the life you fell into begins to drop away.  A powerful intention creates unstoppable momentum, today when you Show up, you Step up and Shine.  

Day 2 - The Quantum Truth

Secret number 2 helps break free from the reality that has so many trapped, sick, broke, broken and living in lack. This is the first day of the rest of your life.  When we take controls of our life and become player number One the simulation begins to shift into the patterns of perfection we all deserve, the Universe steps into action not to mention our non-physical team in support 'waiting' for permission to assist us. 

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one (Albert Einstein) 

Day 3 - A peak behind the veil, aligning to the 5D Frequency.

Todays secret offers you an Emotional Guidance Tool that helps you get raw and real as you begin to Play and Dance with the Universe and the life you can't even begin to imagine can be yours.  Things get Fun.  Everything is vibration and frequency all tied in with our emotions and when our frequency matches our desires and dreams our reality shifts.  This is so much easier than you could possibly imagine. 

When your frequency matches your desires and dreams your reality shifts to there - (Michelle)

Day 4 -EXCLUSIVE BONUS, access to the 4 Step Re-Direct Technique

Available only to my Premium Clients until now, this 4 step re-direct shift technique helps you take these Life Changing Quantum Steps the easy way.  Haven't we all done it hard enough for long enough? This step is crucial because if we keep 'trying hard' we get more of what we've always got.  Laugh it off, lighten up and learn to flip or skip into the light fandango! 

Day 5 - As we break the dream spell we change each others lives!

Secret number 5 brings us into a co-creational energy that works in, through and around all of us as we see the real wizard behind the curtain for the illusion it/our whole life has really been.  The more we learn, play, share and expand together into these lighter fluid and fun frequencies the more and more the Universe gets behind us.  As a Master healer, I have been guiding you through 20% healing the past and 80% creating a magnificent future.  This is 100%  'The Quantum Way" 

You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending" CS Lewis

Hi, my name is Michelle

I'm a Mindset & Energy Intuitive Spiritual Coach,  Master Angelic Reiki trainer, Personal Trainer, Bodyworker and Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioner TM (amongst other things) but I wasn't always all these things!  

I definitely haven't always had my shit together, like you, I reached a point where I was sick and tired of being sick, tired and broke! but I knew deep in my heart that there must be an easier way, and I didn't stop until I found it! I'm a single Mum of 2 gorgeous young ladies and their fur babies, I couldn't stop! 

We work through all space, time, and dimensions, re-setting your mind, body and soul to your point of perfection, that which you've always been but forgot! 

Most importantly, my clients experience extraordinary healing, peace and expansion within, which exposes their intrinsic power and then flows into their lives shifting from lack to flow,  FAST. 

In 5 days you will:

Begin De-Coding that which keeps you stuck
Tap into some Secrets no-one wants you to know
Learn to uncover the mysteries of your soul
Connect to  your Spirit team of Angels and Guides 
Gather a toolkit of tried and tested bullshit busters 
Learn to play in the 5th Dimension - The Quantum Way
Re-Code and Re-align with your truth and passions

5 day challenge

All you need is 5 days to turn your struggles from funk to fun, my aim is for this to be the easiest thing you've ever done

All I need is just 5 days to show you how

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