The Quantum Way to Change Your Life

Exponential breakthroughs are the sequel of this transformational experience to live the life of your wildest dreams

Does this sound like you?

New energies are calling us to disassociate from fear and lack, calling you to align with ease, flow and fun!  

The time is now!

You and I both know why it hasn't worked.  And why it wont ....UNTIL....your Mind and your Soul is re-set.  When you come face to face with the destruction within, you stop it from wreaking havoc in your life.  And I promise you, it's much easier than you think.



Listen.  This course is good.  It can definitely help you.

And you're probably here because you're done with struggling and that oh to familiar hamster wheel that keeps going around and around bring up the same old sh#t, just on different days.

I know that within you lies the spark to bring your wildest dreams to fruition, you already are all that you have been seeking and you have been led right here by that very spark and she is ready to become a roaring fire or your wouldn't be here.

But if you aren't truly ready for life changing transformation and ready to dig deep working alongside me to achieve that, this will be just like any other course you have done, or started and not finished, and it will not change your life, you'll feel great until the buzz wears off or some other bright shiny object shows up and then things will fall back into the same old will become frustrated, hard on yourself, and you will stay stuck in lack.

This is not a quick fix although 4 weeks is not a lifetime.

So with that understood... let me jump right in and show you how we can...

  • Transform Lack and Frustration into Abundance and Freedom once and for all
  • Release years of toxic habits, patterns and behaviours in ONE single Hypnosis Session
                  • Learn and Use Energy and Healing tools, tricks and tips to flow into an exciting 2020
                  • Become Centered, Connected, Excited and Expanded the 'Quantum Way'

                  First of all, I'm pretty sure this isn't like any course you've ever taken on.  There is no fluff or filler - just battle-tested techniques that are working with my clients right now. 

                  And it's easy to fit into your life.

                  These 4 weeks together in an Online 'Retreat Style' learning atmosphere won't interfere with your busy life and you won't go from week to week putting your 'playwork' aside - we get right in and get the work done and you have me beside you every step of the way to pick you up if you stumble and catch you if you fall (and you probably will).

                  Welcome to 4 Steps To FREEDOM
                   Group Program!

                  4 Stages of Personal and Spiritual Expansion delivered in 4 Weeks
                  Centre... Connect... Create... Expand

                  There is a lot of noise, bright shiny object, gimmicks and free information out there. It all tends to lead away from the solution. This program brings you back to YOU.  The 3rd module 'QUANTUM CREATING' clearly aligns you with EXACTLY where you are going in your life, financially, spiritually and emotionally.  Most people spend more time learning how to use their Smart phones than stepping into their own power and creating a life on their own terms.   The Universe simply cannot provide you with what you desire if it is not crystal clear in your heart what that is. "When we fail to plan...we plan to fail"! Benjamin Franklin

                  One of the Myths that keeps people stuck is....

                  All the stuff we were fed as kids like "money doesn't grow on trees' 'You have to work hard' Oh well, it is what it is' None of that is true. You have to master your mindset to change your life, right? WRONG! In order to change our lives we must 'Reverse Engineer' our patterns and beliefs and fully remember how to awaken the Galactic being that you are so you can tune into the Universal wisdom that is available to you now.

                  Learn the one thing your should NEVER do when you're trying to Activate ABUNDANCE and change your life

                  HINT: It's the first thing most "healers and coaches" tell you to do.

                  Can't differentiate between the voices in your head?

                  If you don't know what you're looking, listening or feeling for you'll never work it out. It's so much easier than you may think.

                  How can I change from a dodgy past to a bright and exciting future?

                  Our habits and patterns of the past are our 'toolkit' to the future and stepping off the 'healing' treadmill. Are you ready to heal your allergy to Abundance?

                  How do I know if this will work for me?

                  You are as Unique as your finger print, there is only one you. Learning the vibrational match to your Uniqueness are the keys to your kingdom.

                  Do you know why you'll LOVE it?

                  Because we play 100% in the "Quantum Field?" It stimulates Accelerated healing and reactivation of your Spiritual Brain Centres allowing rapid, lasting change and expansion!

                  This is where the MAGIC lies.

                  Please be mindful sweet Soul, sadly, I often speak with Women years after we initially spoke to learn that their lives have not changed much at all yet they have continued the bright shiny object path of overwhelm and frustration because they couldn't afford it.

                  ........Time is of the Essence!  ONLY 5 SPOTS. 

                  That's why I offer the program as both 1:1 and a Group Option.  With the group option, the cost and experience is shared which makes it affordable for all, especially this first time around.

                  So, why would I do that? 


                  Because I am truly done with watching people suffer! Money does not mean much to me anymore.  It's energy and life's a whole lot more fun when you have it, trust me!

                  Anyway - with all that said, this is a limited offer as there are only so  many 20 minute blocks of my time I can offer so when you get your email from me, jump onto my calendar and secure your spot quick.

                  Oh, and in case you're wondering......


                  There is no money back guarantee when you work with me!  If you enter a healing and transformational program knowing that if it doesn't work you'll get your money back you will NEVER SUCCEED.  The back door must be closed, the line drawn in the sand and a resounding "Hell Yes" to jump into a bright, brand spanking new future of ABUNDANCE, FUN and FREEDOM.

                  If you need to discuss payment options, know that I am pretty generous and only have my clients very best interests at heart, so please do not hesitate to ask.

                  FEEL into your body, mind and soul right now and ask if this is the next best step for you, if you FEEL excited and/or goosebumps, add your detailsbelow, don't be the one I connect with way down the track whose life did not change because you scroll on by ignoring multiple s

                  Meet Michelle


                  Can’t get enough of Sex in the City and is secretly addicted to Gaia TV

                  Is embarrassingly obsessed with Candy Crush

                  Is a huge sucker for a cute dog, our Kelpie X? (Rescue) and therapy dog will most likely join us at some stage (he is super reluctant to give up the healing chair to clients....we'll work on that one for you)

                  She has jumped out of an aeroplane over Victoria Falls in Africa, thankfully tethered to a parachute!  “Never Again” more

                  Here's What Clients Have To Say about working with Michelle

                  A few of your questions answered!


                  I have participated in this program. It is the most amazing journey of your life. The learning is indescribable. I can assure you your life will change. The connection to Michelle is unique, reflective and challenging. One you will enjoy and remember for the rest of your life. Thank you Michelle this was an opportunity of a lifetime.💖💖💖

                  Deb Batt

                  I have really enjoyed the past 4 weeks and feel that I have already made so many positive changes in my life. You truly are an amazing healer I am looking forward to my future with so much enthusiasm and can't wait to see where my journey takes me.

                  Nicolle Jenkins

                  Michelle was recommended to me by a friend. I was thrilled when I met her and she was able to find a place to connect with me straight away. Michelle provided such a safe space that I felt comfortable to share my guilt and shame and never felt judged. Michelle is gentle and kind and understands what real life looks and feels like and knowing this is everything when things are challenging. She guided me through new experiences and supported my journey to a higher level of awareness with laughter and tears. I have felt more at ease and happy since I met Michelle and I will continue to trust her with my healing.

                  Alison Bain

                  Dear Michelle, How can I begin to put into words how thankful and appreciate I am to have been blessed by your incredible gift, wisdom and light. You have helped me reconnect with myself, shift everything that I no longer desired, improved my relationship with myself, my husband, my kids, my family. I am reconnecting with the world and I am excited. Mymind is open again to all the possibilities that life has to offer and I have removed every thought, feeling and emotion that doesn’t serve me. What a wonderful way to live.

                  If there is anyone at all out there that sees your posts, who has even the smallest thought that this might be for them I would whole heartedly recommend they do this course. It will change your life.

                  With much love and gratitude

                  Sarah Anderson

                  I was feeling lost when I first found Michelle as I was helping my family through a very traumatic time in our lives. I was lucky enough to receive a massage from Michelle that was other worldly! I left her feeling strong, clear and energised to tackle what lay ahead. Recently I was feeling a little broken after our triumphant but exhausting battle. I felt like Michelle literally put me back together. She relieved me of the heavy weight of emotions I felt like I was carrying and gifted the true me back to myself. I will be forever grateful to Michelle for sharing her gifts with the world. She is like an all knowing wise and loving older sister and you can’t help feeling good just even being in her presence. Thank you Michelle!

                  Rachel Barbounis

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                  Module 4: Heart

                  Opening at the 'Bridge' between the Upper and Lower Chakras at the Heart offers healing from grief,  jealousy, fear of betrayal and self loathing, bringing profound positivity, exuding feelings of wholeness and worthiness plus acceptance of life, love and relationships.  We become balanced peaceful and happy and excited about what lies ahead for us as we focus clearly on what we DO want.


                  Module 5: Throat

                  As we journey to the first spiritual chakra, you can rid yourself from neck and shoulder pain, issues with hearing, jaw pain, headaches and throat issues as we clear, delete and destroy the connection to mis-communication.  Shyness, social anxiety and dishonesty can be cleared as the pathway powerfully opens you to honest, communication and expression, bringing a richness into your life and relationships as a new depth of wisdom is revealed. We learn to listen to both the physical and the murmurs from within.


                  Module 6: Third Eye

                  The mysteries continue to unfold as fears of the unknown and an inability to concentrate, process information or keep cool under pressure begin to loosen their hold on us.  Lack of knowing and faith in your purpose softens as an expanded Third Eye opens the Spiritual centers, all the Clairs begin to thrive, we begin to thrive and become more energetic, tuned in, receptive, imaginative, optimistic, and inspired as your connection to the Universe reinvigorates your zest for life, fun and adventures into the non-physical realms.


                  Module 7: Crown

                  The Crown Chakra opens us to the world of Spiritual Consciousness,  governs our spiritual progress, if blocked, we can feel distressed, isolated and disconnected from everything and everyone. This can be a result of living fast-paced, 3D and materialistically. Building upon the strength and stability of the 6 chakras before allow a gorgeous Mindful, Balanced, centered YOU to emerge as you connect to source energy. Here we transcend illusion and discover the innate power of spirit, opening to Living as one, in Unity. Joyful, FREE.


                  Meet Michelle


                  Can’t get enough of Sex in the City

                  Is embarrassingly obsessed with Candy Crush

                  Is a huge sucker for a cute dog, our Kalpie X? (Rescue) and therapy dog will most likely join us at some stage (he is super reluctant to give up the healing chair to clients....we'll work on that one for you)

                  has jumped out of an aeroplane over Victoria Falls in Africa, thankfully tethered to a parachute!  “Never Again” more

                  is totally obsessed with Nature and Mountain Hiking and

         a Mum to 2 incredibly amazing young Adults.

                  As Michelle clawed through the battles and lies of her mind and the deep sense of dread that settled like an enemy killjoy over her and her family’s life she choose to tie business, healing and energy together to lead many successful entrepreneurs into Abundance and Wealth consciousness. She tried the corporate world although her healing hands, drive and passion eventually won  as she uncovered her own beautiful gifts and began sharing them.

                  Michelle is an

                  Angelic Reiki Master and Teacher

                  Spiritual Mentor,

                  Intuitive Spiritual Healer,

                  Mindset Energy Master Coach

                  Creator of Self and Soul Mastery for Abundance Seekers,

                  Podcast Host,

                  Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioner™

                  and creator of the gorgeous online community Entrepreneurs Globally Unite and Freedom, the Quantum Way.