Michelle Reinhardt

Are you fed up with your job, and looking for a way to escape the rat race, enjoy the freedom you deserve and have a home business?

Ever wondered what it’s like to create your own hours, or be at home to pick up the kids after school?

Or are you an Entrepreneur that’s looking for another income stream? There are many opportunities out there that could change your life for better or worse! Well I’m not interested in worse but I can help you with some  options that cold help you for the better.

Let’s look briefly at some of the options for starting your own business that incorporates an existing start up model.

Option 1 – Buy a Franchise: You can and many do buy a franchise such as McDonalds, Jims, Subway,  There is a large upfront cash investment that can fall between $15,000 to in excess of $1 million, What you get here is to work 90+ hours per week with royalty fees for the life of your business and fees that could prevent you from being in profit for years.

Option 2 – Traditional Business: A service or a shop. Buy yourself a job. Add in the costs of operating a traditional business including stock, rent, and of course, staff. The success of your business can be highly dependent on the state of economy, and you are also bound to one location.

Option 3 – MLM. This option often makes people’s toes curl, it has made many people very rich and burnt countless more.   Well, let’s face it, if you buy a business for around $500 it’s a given that it will take quite a while to create a solid income.  One is you  cut out for this type of business or looking for another option.

There is no right or wrong answer, it is a personal choice. I have tried them all. 

Please consider not only what sounds good for you but also consider what’s working in our business world that can deliver your wealth. future,  THE right business model can determine how FAST you reach your financial goals.

There is a fourth option which is  NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Option 4 – A Top Tier Business

The option contains the following:

A simple 3 step system 3 Income streams, upfront profit, leverage and residual income. No territorial boundaries. Full and ongoing education, support and training.  Not MLM and involves no cold calling.  It is an honest sell within a GPT system and is the easiest, fastest and most comprehensive program to create the freedom and lifestyle you want.

Top Tier is where I landed after 15 years in Direct Sales, owning my own franchise and taking a massive financial risk to start up a company, returning to the workforce after being a stay at home Mum, as well as staring directly in the face of bankruptcy.

A Top Tier business opportunity was the best option for me and has been A Life Changing decision.  It attracts Serious Entrepreneurs ready to roll up their sleeves and have a solid crack at joining the top 1% of the wealthy and enjoying a lifestyle by design FAST.

There are a few options within this banner and you can contact me to find out about my Option 4 right here




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