Thank You


Do you know that our Innate’s (you’ve heard the word right?) Innate wisdom? Innate awareness? I know you have.

It’s prime directive is to do everything it can for you to allow an awakening, ascension and miracles. Innate is not new, and is not the Brain, it is non centralized, and not known in medical science – it is the energy that gives us goosebumps and mysteriously moves a pendulum!

It’s been snoozing!
There are a few programs that need to be removed to kick this in so you can THRIVE, the biggest one being past life Karma – If you’re continually playing the same old destructive programs and didn’t know why, THIS IS WHY.   Allow me to take you through a re-programming and PLEASE, use this free workbook to maximize your results. Simply allow these energies to float into your field like a feather in the wind, gentle, soft yet determined to land bringing that feather into your heart and awakening your ‘Innate’ All you need to do is BREATHE….and RECEIVE…

Please repeat this meditation for 7 – 21 days in conjunction with the Workbook to effect the change you wish to see in the World.