Energy Clearance, Alignment, Re-Boot.

6 Powerful Minutes.

Join me for 6 Powerful Minutes in a Guided meditation with the Violet Flame of infinite Perfection

Become one with your I am presence, and the I am presence of all humanity. One Breath, One Voice, One Heartbeat and One Energy Vibration.

Connect with your true God self.

When we invoke the Violet Flame through a person’s I Am presence it flows through their heart flame and enters the Core Of Purity of every electron of that which has requested healing.  The Violet flame of God’s infinite perfection is powerful beyond our knowing. Join me to invoke into the light the negativity being pushed to the surface in your lives and the lives of all humanity.

This POWERFUL 6 minutes calls forth the most intensified frequencies of the fifth dimensional crystalline solar violet flame of God’s infinite perfection that cosmic law will allow.

Step up and step into a new space by transforming and transmuting energies reflecting less than heaven on Earth.  Transmute the cause, core, effect, record and memory both known and unknown back into its original perfection.  Join me in a journey of divine love, oneness reverence for all life, eternal peace, where God’s infinite abundance awaits.

Remember and re-connect with your I am presence which is your true God self.

Always in love xx Michelle