A Franchise without the hefty price tag, A unique partnership opportunity perfectly suited for those ready to immerse themselves into a community of serious entrepreneurs committed to learning and nailing financial independence within a home business model. As you know ‘Success is 80% Mindset & 20% Skillset – This one works BECAUSE of that philosophy, the product lineup is Personal Development and Success education, ideal if it’s time to unlearn the recurring habits that keep you trapped!

Part time or full time results can be achieved and as such it is a perfect accompanying venture or a stand alone business model. If you are happy with the results you have achieved in last 5 years congratulations, if you want different results from the next 5 connect with me for more details. Life is not a dress rehearsal, independent wealth is possible with the right mindset, vehicle and action.  My passion is lighting the path for personal and financial success  You can find me at


Michelle is a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Home Business Specialist and can be found at “It is my business to help you build yours ”