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Today’s show is to help you get referrals, Specifically for Wellness Practitioners who are keen to discover the key to turn one customer into a dozen!    

I am Michelle Reinhardt of Mindset, Energy and healing transformations and creator of Entrepreneurs Globally Unite I ADORE bringing global experts to amazing people like YOU with weekly inspiration and tools to help you thrive in Mindset, Energy, Business …. IN ALL WAYS  spiritual.  Today we’re here to Arm yourself with a tried-and-tested arsenal of neuroscience principles that will position your business for referrals and customers to seek you…

That IS attraction marketing AT IT’S BEST.

I’ve enlisted the skills of Dr. Shara Downey

For us in health & wellness, there’s nothing more demoralizing than not being able to have enough customers… and sometimes we even have trouble breaking even.

It’s even more frustrating because it’s not that there aren’t enough customers… there are plenty of them… but you can’t seem to get them to come to you! What’s worse, they are not going anywhere and not getting the help they need.

“You may have a great service that can really help and benefit the lives of these people, but all that means nothing if you can’t get them through the door.

Arm yourself with the tried-and-tested arsenal of neuroscience principles that will position your business for customers to seek you instead of them and get referrals as easily as blinking an eye.

Discover the key to turn one customer into a dozen! One thing most businesses focus on is getting new customers… but newer customers need convincing to come, unlike your current customers who are already sold… and are willing to bring their friends along!

For now, folks, get comfy! turn off your zings and pings for 30ish minutes and please allow yourself to drop into this space.. turn on your undivided attention and connect into the highest possible outcome for your time with us.

Shara states on her site

“In my Chiropractic practice, our business was 90% referrals for over 7-8 years. I often had new patients finish a case review and leave asking how to refer their family members before they even had a session!”

Listen in to learn how you can do the same.

We cover

How you can tune into your client’s receptors and target your message to their preferred style of receiving information. They’res no point talking to a person when a picture will literally ‘speak a thousand words’
Lower your clients ‘guard’ but Pre-Framing the visits so they know what to expect and feel safe and honored.
Introducing your client to Future Pacing gives them the initiative to participate in their healing rather than ‘be healed’

Visit Shara at http://www.drshara.com and grab your top 5 referrals strategies to ignite your practice for FREE.

Thank you for joining us today – I am Michelle Reinhardt of Mindset, Energy and Healing transformations Visit Michelle’s site to learn more or work with me.

Or join my online community Click here to join Entrepreneurs Globally Unite

That’s it from us

Until next week …..shine bright superstars! That’s why you’re here!

Love and light xx Michelle

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