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Startup and Business Mums Australia is the creation of Single Mum, Michelle Smith, an inspirational visionary leader for Women requiring support to build a business as an Entrepreneur in whatever way, shape, and form that can work with those juggling family and business.

Join us for a candid discussion about the options and opportunities available for Mums including Tips to get your ideas onto paper, find your ideal customer, and to market to your perfect Avatar.

Do you need a business plan?  Maybe..maybe not, it depends on what you’re wanting to get going what your background is and what type of support you need.  Michelle can help with that

Michelle Smith is the CEO and founder of Start Up Mum, a national community for mums in business in Australia. She is also a business and marketing strategist consulting to small businesses through to international corporations. She is a business coach focused on helping mums create lifestyle businesses. Michelle also founded Website HQ and co-founded The Essential Spot, she is a strong advocate of women in business and is keen to promote entrepreneurship among mums.

Outside of business, Michelle is a solo mum to a five-year-old, avid reader and lover of architecture and interior design.

Business Mums Australia is all about mums helping other mums in business. Whether you already have your own business or are looking to start one, we have created a place to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be. If you want to learn more about Startup Mum, who the team is behind the community, and what our vision is then feel free to read our story.

So get started with Start-Up Mum now – here’s a suggested road map to get you going (the links will open in new tabs/windows so you won’t lose this page):

  1. Become a Community Member.  Be part of the Start-Up Mum community and never miss a thing! Join today.
  2. Network with like-minded mums.  Join the fun and attend a Start-Up Mum meeting in your local area.  Come along with your business cards, kids and any challenges you might be having with your business…we’re here to help!
  3. Join our private Facebook group. Connect with like-minded business mums in our private Facebook group. Ask questions, offer advice, and promote your business on the appropriate theme day. Request to join here.
  4. Showcase your business and expertise by leading a course. Be an instructor for one of our courses. Apply here.
  5. Connect with us. Keep in touch with the latest from Start-Up Mum on your favorite social media platforms:

Startup and Business Mums Australia support and network within local communities.  Click here to find out if there is one near you Local Chapter

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Take care and until next week, Shine Bright Superstar, that’s why you’re here!


Huge love x Michelle Reinhardt



Channeled art with love and thanks by Lisa. 

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