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Today’s show is to light a new path for you with Star Shamanism.  Understanding this concept and the Energies around it could be crucial to your Personal and Professional life as well as Your Business.

So Good Morning, afternoon, or evening and Welcome to the EGU Podcast, bring you, experts, weekly in Mindset, Energy, Business, and ALL THINGS SPIRITUAL.

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Today’s Guest is Steve Nobel, I’ve been listening to Steve’s Podcast on Soundcloud and YouTube for about a year now…His work, passion, and knowledge is exceptional and that’s why I tracked him down and invited him on the show. His expertise is Star Shamanism.

Steve Nobel is an author, a coach, and the founder of Soul Matrix Healing. He trained in a number of magical-spiritual systems including shamanism particularly Star Shamanism over years. He was a director of the internationally acclaimed not for profit organization Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London) for 13 years. For more information visit http://thesoulmatrix.com/

Please folks…Grab a pen and paper and set your intention to learn a new set of ‘Game-changing Strategies’ for Personal and professional.  Turn off your zings and pings for 40 minutes as we dive into this auspicious topic

We discuss what Shamanism is – particularly Star Shamanism.  This may help you find what you have been searching for!  Are new pathways opening up for you that may seem a little confusing?  It may be the missing link to help you navigate the energies of this time of global transition.

Steve has a powerful story and a wonderful way of explaining a challenging yet fascinating topic (particularly if it’s new to you)

There are no accidents in life and it’s exciting that you’re here as we discuss

  • Soul Loss Retrieval ,
  • Energy Extraction and
  • Connecting to the new grids of light within and around the planet.
  • Many more things…..

Saving the best to last is helping you expand your capacity for miracles.

My Personal Favourite YouTube Channel Soul Matrix and here is a link to this Interview on his channel.   Click to go to YouTube

Connect with Steve    Click here

His Free EBook explores the nature and role of Starseeds on the Earth at this time of Global Ascension.

This book is not for everyone. Not everyone here on the earth is a Starseed. This Ebook explores the signs of being a Starseed and their role on the earth at this time. Assuming that you are a Starseed here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • You are a multidimensional spiritual being,
  • You have experienced many worlds/dimensions of existence,
  • You are a high-frequency being of light,
  • Your true nature is love and unity consciousness,
  • You feel different because you are,
  • This 3D dimension is not your natural home,
  • You are here for a reason, a mission
  • You are more resourceful than you know,
  • You are not alone, you are supported,
  • The world is going through a huge transition,
  • This transition involves a massive 5D shift in consciousness.


If your life’s not where you’d like it to be I’d love to remind you that you don’t have to ‘do this alone’ the journey of a lifetime begins with a single step.

To make it to that next level in business we all need support, we need accountability and we need to understand how and why we hold ourselves back so we can start to heal it.….reach out and connect with someone that inspires you to take quantum leaps and bounds in your life –  –  You can find more about me – Michelle Reinhardt by clicking Clicking here

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See you next week  :)   -Michelle

Michelle Reinhardt


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