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3 Tools to Unleash your spiritual gifts and help you grow your seeds into business leads.

Hello and welcome to the EGU Podcast and our BELive today,  this show is for awakening and emerging Entrepreneurs – bringing global experts to you weekly to help you thrive in Energy, Mindset, Business leads, and all things spiritual.  Today I’ve invited successful Business Consultant and Intuitive Artist Lisa Ormenessey.

Lisa’s sharing with us 3 simple yet extremely effective tools she used to unleash her business through spirit and we invite you to allow what can be a struggle in your life to help you release your gifts.  “Spirit will make way for your gift but your character will keep you there”

Lisa is a successful Business consultant who stumbled upon art therapy instead of a traditional art class, and just a  just a few short years ago began her journey into the intuitive art world. Clients come to her from across the globe to have her intuit their special photographic memories into a piece of her unique energy artwork so they can revitalize their spirits, their homes and connect on a soul level to their most precious memories.

Her Art is used as a spiritual portal for her clients and is highly sought after as an effortless energy boost on the walls of individuals, and energetic representation of business and events.

When it comes to Seeds Not Leads consider this…

We need to ‘Seed’ Everywhere, knowing that the exact place you plant your seed may not necessarily harvest

But when the seed does harvest it will be like the abundance of apples on a tree from a single seed.

Money, prosperity, and ultimately success is a constant outflow of seeds waiting, growing, and harvesting.

The energy you plant along with your seed is just as important as the seed itself.

Spirit gives us tools along the way that we need to help our Spiritual Seeds turn into Business Leads.

Lisa has worked with these 3 tools for over 15 years with enormous success to create a constant flow of Business Leads

  1. Vision – Vision Boards
  2. Mindset – Knowing who you are a person
  3. Environment – Sometimes we need a business detox as well as a physical one.

It’s also important to take time out of your business to work on your business. 


Find and follow up with Lisa Here

Imagine if your life was exactly where you would like it to be! We’re here to remind you that you don’t have to ‘do this alone – that’s the hard way!’ The easy way is to jump into the energy of acceleration with someone that inspires you to take quantum leaps and bounds in your life. In an instant, you can begin to feel shifts toward freedom, safety, and success.

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That’s it from us,

Until next week …..shine bright superstars! That’s why you’re here!

Love and light xx Michelle

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