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Please download the worksheet from the files in the Facebook Group here or just listen in as we welcome you to the EGU PODCAST For awakening and emerging Spiritual Entrepreneurs, we are here to help you ‘Thrive!’ Hang with us to learn all about what you asked for “Some Heart-Based Marketing” I am Michelle Reinhardt, your host, and creator of the Entrepreneurs Globally Unite online community and I’m excited to introduce you to today’s guest Johannah Cole.
Johannah provides strategy and skills for the health and wellness business. She is the founder of Audipod, an audio production, and marketing agency. With a background in Health and Fitness Johannah has a passion for personal development, health, fitness and profitable business she began to notice other wellness professionals struggling with marketing their businesses and following some requests from friends in the industry she began consulting.

Introducing you to the 4 P’s of engagement PLUS  a bonus 5th P.

Your content must be Engaging, Purposeful, and Congruent with your brand aligned with your values So let’s make it easy for you. P-Purpose P-Platform P-Provide Value –  a very cool pick up 52 content strategy game here!  Don’t miss it. P-Persistence Engage, Make a connection, and then Follow up with the structure Jo shares right here with the bonus 5th P. Imagine if your life was exactly where you would like it to be!  We’re here to remind you that you don’t have to ‘do this alone – that’s the hard way!’  The easy way is to  jump into the energy of acceleration with someone that inspires you to take quantum leaps and bounds in your life.  In an instant, you can begin to feel shifts toward freedom. Visit Johannah at Audipod or on her Facebook page Mindset, Energy and Healing transformations with me – Michelle Reinhardt  Visit Michelle’s site Or join my online community  Click here to join Entrepreneurs Globally Unite That’s it from us, Until next week …..shine bright superstars!  That’s why you’re here! Love and light xx Michelle
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