Michelle Reinhardt

Self and Soul Mastery finds your resonance of truth.  When it’s time to ditch the bright shiny objects, stop chasing the guru’s and get deep and dirty into the 4 big questions in our life, the questions that Michelle works with to empower special souls like you to take back their power, so together we can change the world, one breath and heartbeat at a time with love, only then can you truly live a life of peacefulness, fulfillment, expansion, and freedom.

Today the Interview pod was turned onto the Creator of this show, the EGU Podcast for awakening emerging Entrepreneurs.  Michelle Reinhardt.  Michelle is a serial Entrepreneur, healer, creator of a divine online community for 5000+ Spiritual Entrepreneurs on Facebook – you can join her hub of like-minded change-makers here  https://www.facebook.com/groups/entrepreneursgloballyunite/

Self and Soul Mastery.

Like all on this journey, there is a powerful story behind the woman telling it, a story of Personal, financial, and emotional collapse.

The 4 great questions that became the turning point for Michelle are

Who are we (when we leave everything after birth behind)

Where do we come from

What should we be doing


Where are we going….


Most people don’t have a clue where they are heading in life…how will they know when they’re got there? Tune in to learn how  Energy and Frequency actually work and how to click yourself into abundance frequencies that will blow your mind.

Discover the step that’s missing in most of the ‘Law of Attraction’ teachings and watch your life shift when you make this change.

How to get off the Roller Coaster and into the flow of a freedom lifestyle.

Learn the 3 questions that fire the brain in new sequences

“No-one knows YOU better than YOU.  No-one else can fix YOU but YOU.  We must address the lies that keep us small and find the spark inside that is as unique as our fingerprint”

To you special soul.

I am a light bringer,

I won’t let you play small with your life,

I will lovingly challenge you, crack you open 

uplift and expand you

so we can feel the pure heartbeat

that is divinely you,

And Light You Up.

Xx Michelle Reinhardt

Free Gift   Energy Clearance, Alignment, Re-Boot. 6 Powerful Minutes.

Join me for 6 Powerful Minutes in a Guided meditation with the Violet Flame of Infinite Perfection

Become one with your I am presence, and the I am presence of all humanity. One Breath, One Voice, One Heartbeat, and One Energy Vibration.

Clear, Cleanse, release, receive.


Channeled Art by Lisa Ormenyessy –

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