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Making More Impact Everywhere is what you’re about to learn in today’s show.  To do that, you need to start with an intention and a few questions.  Are you Changing the world as a Humanity+ business or charity? Are you ready to do things differently without apology? Are you looking for more from Life?!

If yes, you’re in the right place.  Turn off your zings and pings for the next 45 minutes get comfy, grab a pen and paper and tune in to learn how to be a truly conscious human, successful entrepreneur and how you can make money AND help change the world, we’re answering the following questions

  • What happens when you ask $1m questions instead of $10 questions
  • How to stop making it so hard for people to get what you do
  • Why your strategy and sequence dictate your success and freedom.

I am Michelle Reinhardt, your host, and creator of The Entrepreneurs Globally Unite Facebook Community, the hub  for 6000+ Conscious Entrepreneurs

My guest today is Angela Wright of Making More Impact.  Angela is a business strategist, revenue generator, early adopter, speaker, author, wife, and mother of five.

She is committed to ‘Making More Impact’ as she transforms businesses using unique strategies with new technologies to convert strangers and cold traffic to high-value customers. Making More Impact Everywhere works with coaches, consultants and marketers, travel and tourism, health and wellness, food, and agriculture businesses.

  • Today’s show will help you to do things differently without apology – it’s time for business to step up
  • Why people are looking for more from life: why doing good in business is like heroin and sex
  • Why Making More Impact and Facebook Funnels transform heart-centered businesses The cure for overwhelm: strategy, sequence, and social support
  • We also touch on Triple Leger and Blockchain cryptocurrency transactions.

Angela speaks to us of the ideal Avatar, getting crystal clear about who you are serving and becoming a Personal Shopper for your Avatar, ensuring you are the only option your client thinks of and needs to meet their needs.  What is the ONE gift you have that you know right now can serve a greater and wider audience? Once you know this, don’t wait for it to be perfect, get moving on the most effective strategies and technologies to convert strangers and cold traffic to high-value customers.   Learn what Humanity + business is and how YOU can take a stand by Making more impact everywhere and make money at the same time as changing the world. 

Connect with Angela Here    https://makingmoreimpact.com/five-steps

Best way to find Angela  Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/angelawrightmbe

Link to FREE giveaway or more information.   https://makingmoreimpact.com/five-step

And of course,

If your life’s not where you’d like it to be I’d love to remind you that you don’t have to ‘do this alone’ the journey of a lifetime begins with a single step.

To make it to that next level in business we all need support, we need accountability and we need to understand how and why we hold ourselves back so we can start to heal it.….reach out and connect with someone that inspires you to take quantum leaps and bounds in your life –  –  You can find me – Michelle Reinhardt Click here

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