Michelle Reinhardt

Hello and welcome to you special one.  Today show is kind of like letting the cat out of the Factory – not the bag….

Today’s guest Melodie Hawkins is going to walk us into the ‘Living in the Quantum Field of Abundance’ explaining the difference between
Abundance and prosperity as well as answering
a lot of questions you may have about spirituality and where our world is at right now under that broad umbrella.

Get to know your Divine Self / Higher Self and connect with it daily. This will strengthen your intuition and like any skill, the more you use it, the easier it gets, and the louder that little voice gets as the connection starts growing from a little chewing gum & shoestring to a broadband fiber-optic connection.

Meditate Daily. Work up to it if it’s difficult. Often it’s easier first thing in the morning or right before bed at night. Meditate twice daily if you can & make sure you connect
Clear all that crap out of your 2nd & 3rd chakra. If you start uncovering past trauma (especially any kind of sexual abuse), please find a local healer you trust to work with to help you clear that trauma and release the energy around it. This may take a while and may also involve other chakras, often the 1st, 4th, & 5th. Just remember it’s like peeling an onion.

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