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Today’s show is for those lacking the skip in their step, the sparkle in their laugh, or the twinkle in their eye, and today we’re discussing how to ignite your joyful comeback.

Your life doesn’t have to be terrible, to lack joy, you may just feel a little empty knowing that something is not quite right. Maybe don’t quite know where you belong? Is there more to you ready to be let loose? , Is there more you can do?  More you can achieve?  Do you see it in others, that spark?  You can have it too!

Thank you for joining us to help you get your ‘Joy On’

I am Michelle Reinhardt, thank you for joining us on the EGU Podcast, my community is for awakening and emerging Spiritual Entrepreneurs. I bring global experts to you weekly to help you thrive in Energy, Mindset, Business, and all things spiritual.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my guest Andrea Dix

Andrea is a health, fitness and wellbeing expert, author,  accomplished speaker, mother of one, and is passionate about helping people en-joy life, rather than en-during it.  She teaches how to live through inspiration, as a result of spending more time in joy.

Andrea truly believes that when you understand the simplicity of living your life through your highest values, magic happens.  She instills these in her programs, workshops, and speaking, and adds her own relatable, engaging nature, and sense of fun to teaching that joy is the key to a beautiful and purposeful life.

The question to ask yourself as a listener or attendee right now is “Could you be happier?”  If your answer is YES! Then buckle in and enjoy the show :)

  • Learn the difference between happiness and Joy
  • How do you know when your Joy-meter is weak?  How do you get bucketloads of it for yourself?
  • Why sort of changes you can expect when they find ‘Joy’ in their own world?
  • What is the difference between motivation and inspiration?


The #1 tip for getting you in a feel-good place quickly?

Andrea’s Top 3 Hot takeaways to ignite your joyful comeback

1.  Joy is an inside job – and can’t be found externally. It’s being at peace with who you are

2.  Simplicity is the key to making significant shifts

3.  If you want to live an inspired life – you MUST know your highest values

Website www.andreadix.com.au

Best way to find Andrea andrea@andreadix.com.au

“Imagine if your life was exactly where you would like it to be! We’re here to remind you that you don’t have to ‘do this alone – that’s the hard way!’ The easy way is to jump into the energy of acceleration with someone that inspires you to take quantum leaps and bounds in your life. In an instant, you can begin to feel shifts toward freedom”.

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That’s if from us – until we see you next time ‘ Shine bright superstars! That’s why you’re here!”

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