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Today’s episode is for those amongst us that are ready to understand the Energy currency of Money and abundance.

I’ve had a pretty dodgy relationship with money until the past few years, it  led me on a wild goose chase  BUT it has been a wild ride turning the corner and flicking on the ‘Abundance Switch’ That…is why I’d like you to turn on for you, I invite you to turn off your zings and pings for 15 minutes and listen in.

Life throws at us our lessons to show us our purpose, what we’re here to do! It threw financial, emotional, physical and spiritual hardship my way, not just once – several times because I kept missing the point so the knocks got harder and louder until I could not ignore it anymore and long story short….We lost everything, our mojo, our health and material wealth, including our home!

I’ve learnt the hard way that the Universe is not out to get us, to punish us or to hurt us UNLESS  we’re hell bent on hurting ourselves because for many our Ego and our beliefs around money or lack there of are in the drivers seat as mine was, I was stuck in some nasty realities which in fact are not ‘Real at all” because all that is not wonderful and joyful is just an illusion. Wealth, in fact enormous wealth and abundance emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially are our birthright and I’d love to show you how to claim it.

Healing abundance and money wounds can be as easy or as hard as you make it – I chose the hard way which is a good thing for you because In doing so I’ve learnt an easy way and TODAY I’d love to liberate you from the notions of lack and fear around money so it can flow.  Sound good?

Take a deep breath with me my friend and make a choice right now to allow yourself to change everything you think you know about money.  Allow yourself to imagine life starting afresh right here, right now and using the power of your intention imagine the slate being wiped clean of any and all distortions both known and unknown that are holding in place the limitations in your life to be destroyed and uncreated right now.

By paying attention “Consciously focusing” on things we create them.

From this point forward choose and decide right now to be more, to have more.  Choose to let life be easier and make more decisions that say “I choose this” disallowing anything that is not in alignment with what you DO want and what you will allow.

Allow yourself to drift ahead in your life and feel the deliciousness of having everything you ever wanted, spend as much time here as you can not just today but as much of your day EVERY day, this amplifying energy creates  a pathway for the energy of money to flow – when we imagine something in consciousness and decide we want it, it becomes who we are now, it becomes our new reality.  Stay in vibration with that and don’t create dispolarity by contradictory thoughts.  Just look at what is and enjoy it, saviour it because your life begins to change.

Money is an indicator of how much in alignment you are with the fullest version of you and how much you are letting in in your life.  It shows you how in sync you are with you.  Let go of who you think you are and get caught up in who you are becoming in consciousness and learn to keep up with what you are imagining.

And with this being said, there is often a great deal of healing required around our relationship with ourselves, others, our self-worth and generally being enough! If we don’t face things now we will have to eventually so let’s get the ball rolling.

Many ask me how to get out of my funk when we were knee deep in the mud, so it’s with a great deal of personal experience that I found out how to get out and stay out!

How you FEEL is telling you that you have created something.  If it feels good you are in alignment with your higher purpose and ‘on track’  If it feels like crap then take a minute to ‘open it up’ and look at it deeper, this is your opportunity to change it because the way you FEEL is the way you live.

We are all creators but most of us are creating by default which is why we don’t feel good.

  1. Make a decision that this is NOT how your story will end
  2. Pay close attention to your feelings.
  3. Be prepared to open things up by saying “Somethings happening here, I don’t feel good.  I don’t want this, what’s going on.  Become aware of it and then say “Well then, what I do want is……………”
  4. Tune into EVERYTHING that you do want, the big ridiculously humungous dreams and stay in THAT vibration.

Money and abundance is ENERGY.  They are particles, living particles of light.  What might life look like without all the limitations one constantly energizes.

Say yes to abundance financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually and say yes to Money.  Open your heart and open up to all that you are.

Consciously focus on things you have never experienced and let that feeling grow, amplify and feel the deliciousness of that then

Drop it!  It’s not our job to do the how, it’s our job to stay in the FEELING of all that we do want.


Happy creating!


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