Michelle Reinhardt

‘How to Overcome The 4 Deadly Energy Traps That Can Kill Your Business Success’

These apply to business AND also spill into our personal success.

I am Michelle Reinhardt – Creator of Entrepreneurs Globally Unite online community.   Today,  The only thing you need to do is set your intention ‘to receive’ this transformative information,  please folks grab a pen and paper turn off your pings and zings [for the next 30 minutes]  and we’ll dive right in.

Lisa Meisels is an Online Visibility Strategist for women who feel a calling to transform lives and make a positive impact on the planet.  She believes that your uniqueness is your brilliance.  She wants you to get clear on your unique value, take a stand for what you believe, and shine so brightly that you attract exactly those people who have been waiting for YOU and dreaming of your service.  

Her professional experience along with her personal life journey, her online business, and broadcasting skills as the host of the Women Reconnecting radio show and the Empowered Living video shows allow her to offer her clients a powerful combination of expertise and resources that help them stand out, get noticed online and become client magnets.

“If you ever experience a lack of momentum, fear of vulnerability, depletion, self-consciousness, low self-esteem, if you find yourself stuck in survival mode, bogged down in the sould’ve, would’ve, could’ves. If your brain often dives into worry, guilt, shame, and fear.  If you’re constantly sick, sore, tired, overwhelmed, disconnected, sad and other low lying negative saboteurs that leach the get up and go from you.  Or you fly along doing beautifully and then feel like you’ve been hit by a ton of bricks there is a fair chance one these 4 Energy traps have sucked you in.  Listen in to recognize them as we take you all the way through to solution mode”.

You will learn

   Why this subject of energy traps is so important especially to service entrepreneurs

    How  these 4 energy traps were discovered

   Which trap is THE most common AND which one is the most dangerous?

   What about the other 3 energy traps and how each of them affects your life and your business?

As well as

   How to use this information to become UNSTOPPABLE.

These 3 Tips are discussed in detail during the show.

  1. Become very aware of your feelings and emotions
  2. Live in the present moment
  3. Realign with who you are becoming so you can reclaim your power & become unstoppable

Stop letting these babies suck the playfulness out of you, get your mojo back, and keep it. Banish the Energy traps forever!

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Until next week, shine bright superstars, that’s why you’re here.

Always in love, Michelle

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