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What does Emotional Mastery mean to you? 

The way Bodo describes Emotional Mastery in this recording is fun, engaging, and potentially life-changing.  Find out why people are getting ‘stuck’ in habitual and painful sticking patterns by understanding how Visual, Audio and kinesthetic receptors can help us find our way through to a completely different situation and reality.

Bodo Frost is a  change leader and coach, who helps businesses and people to become the best they can be. He teaches emotional mastery to help people understand their feelings and elevating them towards their highest values.

“He grew up in Germany and was exposed to a volatile childhood. He found solitude in playing music. He has been an apprentice metal worker, has studied Computer Science, and played in a band touring around Europe for 13 years. He has now migrated to Perth, Western Australia, which fulfilled a childhood dream. Learning the Aussie way was quite a revelation. He is a Change Manager, and a team leader of various cultures and backgrounds and has a successful coaching business  He believes that business and life is a mere portfolio of many projects, and while executing projects people will encounter all sorts of emotions, that may or may not affect the result of interactions adversely. Looking back at his life, especially after a massive health scare, he is now putting his energy into coaching and bringing emotions of people appropriately aligned to drive better outcomes in life and business with serious fun”.

Bodo’s FAVORITE tools for helping our guests Recognize resistance and develop resilience are

√ Self-Awareness: First of all, listen to your body. If it doesn’t feel alright, you are feeling some resistance. If one or multiple senses tell your brain, that this is not right, your body will react. Acknowledge that feeling, that message in the first place. And then think about how you would like to react. Don’t react straight away – it might not be the right thing to do – especially when it comes to line managers or people with ‘more power’ than you.

√ The smiling Assassin: Keep smiling and tell your brain that the other person in front of you has a different value mindset and that you will try to understand where the other person is coming from. Stay factual in all dealings, and discuss things where the other person is obviously wrong. Also, you may want to find a way to comment on certain behaviors by discussing ‘examples’ as stories on how the other person would feel if he/she was treated that way. But still, keep the dialog smilingly open and don’t show that you are emotionally affected – some bullies and emotionally challenged people will thrive on when you show that you are affected.
√ The what jar? Tune in to find out.

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Connect with Bodo here www.projectreboot.com.au or, send him an email bodo.frost@projectreboot.com.au.

If your life’s not where you’d like it to be I’d love to remind you that you don’t have to ‘do this alone’ the journey of a lifetime begins with a single step….reach out and connect to take the easy road with someone that inspires you to take quantum leaps and bounds in your life – – You can find me – as well as in our Community ‘EGU’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/entrepreneursgloballyunite/

That’s it from us ‘Shine Bright superstars….that’s why you’re here.

See you next week :)

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