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Today’s show is practical, enlightening and extremely beneficial to help you to stop your mind running forwards or backwards so you can  be present and make the right decisions.  A gorgeous conversation to help you step into the delicious, juicy soul that you are and fully enjoy the magnificence of a more fulfilling life cutting the self judgement and comparisons.

Welcome to the #EGUPodcast for awakening and emerging Entrepreneurs  to help you thrive in Energy, Mindset, Business and all things soulful.

You’re with Michelle Reinhardt – Creator of this amazing show, Self and Soul Mastery for Abundance seekers and the Online community hub Entrepreneurs globally unite

Today’s guest and I share many common interest … the most profound is the desire and ability to bring people back to their ‘Pure Self” And today we’re going to help you shift there if you’re not already…because that….is where the magic lies in life. Cynthia Zeki is an energy transformation coach who has studied and worked with many different healing modalities and has taught classes and given healings throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. She developed The Pure Energy of You, which works with the energy in every cell of your body, to lovingly diffuse the impact of challenging life experiences so you can embrace every part of your life. The  Pure Energy program uses transformative colors and the feelings they evoke in your body to completely eliminate the self-doubt, recrimination, and limitations that your egoic mind and conditional heart has tried to tell you is truth.  After this program you will have a deep and lasting understanding of yourself so that you are always confident, open and at peace with yourself and with others

  • Learn how colours can help you in a profound way
  • How to  tap into your pure self
  • How to find your purpose
  • The importance of colours and energies
  • What happens in people’s lives when they find their pure self

Knowing and living your Pure Self is natural and organic and human.  Living in your Pure Self  helps you feel completely different in your body – strong, energized, healthy and at home

Learn more about Cynthia    Click here to visit website  Best way to find her is on Facebook  personal – Cynthia Zeki Ph.D., RMT or business page – Cynthia Zeki – The New Energy of You

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To make it to that next level in our lives we all need support, we need accountability and we need to understand how and why we hold ourselves back so we can start to heal it and begin to thrive.…

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Sending HUGE love into your day and your life.

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