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Is there separation between you and your business’s Energy Centres? 

Learn to align them for maximum success

Welcome to the #EGUPodcast for awakening and emerging Entrepreneurs to help you thrive in Energy, Mindset, Business and all things spiritual.

You’re with Michelle Reinhardt – Creator of this amazing show  The EGU Podcast ,   Self and Soul Mastery for Abundance seekers and the Online community hub Entrepreneurs globally unite

AND today’s guest’s creativity will blow your mind, as she helps to propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in an over-crowded market place of online Entrepreneurs. She teaches and empowers her clients to find their voice of truth, build a firm foundation for their business, and how to create a strong online presence that stands out to attract clients.   It’s a great pleasure  to welcome to  the show Melanie Midegs

Melanie’s baby is “The Business Chakra System & Chakra Philosophy for the Modern World”. Which is what we’re discussing today – How business is changing and WHY it’s important for you to understand Your Business Chakra System

So settle in, turn off your zings and pings….Breathe out and join us for 20 or so minutes right through to the end because you’re going to want to get your hands on the free gift she’s offering to you

Do you experience a feast or famine in the results within your business?

In this episode, you will learn how Business is changing to become so much more personal online and what YOU need to be done to make the most of this time.

How well do you know your energy centres?  Given that everything is Energy, it makes sense to understand the Energies within our business and ensure the two are balanced.

Join us in discussion to understand the importance of matching your Personal Energy Centres (Chakra’s)  to Business’s Energy Centres  Chakra System to maximise this monumental time in the history of business.

The bottom three Chakras in your business MUST be solid.  Nothing above them will work in your business if they are not aligned.

As we move up the Chakra system we move into the communication and marketing and promotion.   Please refer to the diagram with the show images.

Melanie’s top tips for you to action in your business are

  • Get to know your point of difference between fear & resistance
  • Learn about marketing… if you aren’t good at it – get good at it
  • Mind your own business – stop comparing and start taking action

Melanie is a Business Mentor, Web Designer & Creator of two online courses you can find here to connectMelanie’s Website    Go to website   

Best way to find her on  Facebook or Instagram under Melanie Midegs

Link to a giveaway or more information.   Free Business Chakra Quiz  Grab your Free Quiz…Click here

If you’re life’s not where you’d like it to be I’d love to remind you to take a step forward today and CELEBRATE the gift of life that is yours, you have incredible powers of creation, have the courage to use them…The shift begins within….Join us in my Online Community #EGU on Facebook  Join Facebook Group  ….reach out and connect xx with Melanie and myself inside the community, just 3 simple questions to answer and I can let you in.

Visit – Michelle Reinhardt at Go to Michelle’s site….Click here

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And until next week…..Shine Bright Superstars!  That’s why you’re here!

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