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Today’s interview turned into a Mini Masterclass of Understanding, accessing, and fine-tuning your intuition.

Your Intuition is that still small voice inside of us that can break us free from Lack, scarcity, pain, and hardship into a life truly beyond your wildest dreams.

Vanessa Petronelli has been an entrepreneur and business owner for almost two decades. A former professional pop singer, fashion model, and actress, she was represented by the industry’s top agents and business managers from the age of fourteen to twenty-four. While pursuing her career in the entertainment industry, Vanessa opened her event marketing & promotions company, working with leading corporate companies across North America. She provided brand awareness and representatives for FIJI water on all of the red carpet events for the Toronto Film Festival, exclusive film festival parties, as well as the Design Exchange and the Canadian Film Centre.

For the past eight years, she has provided high-level personal, business & spiritual mentoring to hundreds of people from all over the world. She is the creator & leader of the Soul Aligned Success Sisterhood and works privately with high-performing, accomplished entrepreneurs & entertainment industry professionals, preparing them for the world stage. Vanessa guides her clients to create greater success, impact, wealth and fulfillment— by fully aligning them with their deepest truth and most powerful gifts.

Listen in to learn,

Why your intuition beats information.

That Money is energy.

And listen in to hear Vanessa explain her secret tip “…………………………”

You can learn more about Vanessa on Facebook Facebook @vpetronelli

Learn to connect with your intuition
Learn to connect with your intuition

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